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Deckels just appreciated!

Martin P

Aug 12, 2004
Germany in the middle towards the left
I have to clean up a room and parted out 2 control housings sitting in there taking up space.
I already had the housings on the scrap pile for the roaming scrappers, when I thought to look up aluminum prices!
Since I was going to town anyway I drove by the regional scrap king, which always feels like going to a bad but interesting part of Bulgaria somewhere near the border of Turkey, and got 50€ for the 4 pieces!
1,20€ per kg and those housings are heavy for a reason.
Of course I right there had to reinvest in brand new metal boxes (Schäfer) sitting on the scrap pile. Also cried seeing 2 complete Strohm screw machines high up on the pile and the local Skoda dealer apparently decided pitch a stack of brand new tow bars.
Luckily that place is out of my normal way, otherwise I'd be there daily and get depressive.