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DEX TE-SHIN ATC, (DETA) Arm moving vertical w/or w/out tools in the grippers, Shuddering causing miss alignment into Spindle


Jun 1, 2023
Looking for information and the cause of the Tool Arm shuddering when inserting a tool in to the spindle or the ATC 40 pot conveyor? It does it with tools or with out tools. It has been causing miss alignment which is tripping the overloads. (Stuck Tooling)
What does the Tune-up Cap do, it is Cam, Correct? There appears to be quite a bit of slop or back lash also.


Feb 15, 2006
Republic of Texas
Several things were involved.
1. Pivot bolt inside box was worn. ( Actually came loose once and jammed mechanism).
2. Small amount of wear on cam. Not much can be done about that. Doesn't seem to cause a problem.
3. Springs on arm lost tension.
4. Bore for retaining pins full of crap.

3 and 4 allowed the tool to wobble around in the arm enough to sometimes not line up with spindle before it clamped.

External to the changer, clamp/unclamp proximity switch mount on spindle loosened/out of position(hydraulic spindle clamp).
Slightly changed Z position for tool change.