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Die Design to Crimp Small Diameter Stainless Tubing with Minimal Deformation of the surrounding OD

I get sent that picture by friends I haven't talked to in a decade or more, at least once a month :D
The funny part is, lizardhead guy gets emails from his friends with photos of Teach - "Hey, look at this cool guy from Florida ! Way more stylish than that dumb lizard ! Modern ! Clean, swedish aesthetic ! Get with the program, fella !" :D
@TeachMePlease What ended up working for your tube crimping job?

Haven't done much with it since my initial experimentation. I drew up a couple things that might work, but I gotta get one of our guys to sinker EDM the die for me, I don't have access to one, and while I could probably figure it out, given enough time, it's not something I know how to do.