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Dip Seal –Crock Pot, need more heat


Cast Iron
May 19, 2004
I bought a small crock pot to melt Dip Seal for coating resharpened tools however I’m not getting quite enough heat out of it. This crock pot is either on or off there is no high or low setting. Anyone know how I could get a little more heat out of it?

Racer Al

Feb 20, 2006
Oakland, California, USA
Open it up and shorten the heating element.

I'd assume that it's a coiled wire which can be easily cut and reattached to the feed.

Don't go too crazy -- I'd suggest you sneak up on it by snipping 1" at a time until it just melts your Dip Seal.


Tim Logan

Dec 31, 2005
BC Canada
I bought an old crock / fryer at the second hand store for 20 bucks..... has a thermostat controll up to 450F..... way better than the old simple crock pot I used to use...



Hot Rolled
Oct 30, 2005
Putnam CT USA
If the pot has an insert like a slow cooker, put a thin piece of wood under the insert thus not allowing it to overheat.

Another way is to connect it in series from a light bulb....juice in the bulb...out the bulb to in the heater...out to common. Depending on the amount of wattage the bulb uses will affect the amperage (heat) in the Dip Seal.


Hot Rolled
Dec 9, 2003
North Freedom, WI, USA
Some of the crock pot/slow cookers only have a low/medium/high setting on the thermostat. I recently called the company to ask what temperatures they correspond to. 200/250/300 degrees F was the answer. This isn't hot enough for hot dip.

Four years ago I purchased a Presto (~4 qt.). The thermostat goes up to 400F. I use it without the porcelain liner. If it is half full, it heats up in a few hours. If it's nearly full, it takes several hours. I usually have a batch of stuff to dip every couple weeks and I just let it heat up all day on dip day.

I purchased some mineral wool from McMaster and wrapped the OD of the crock pot, keep the bottom open. This helps reduce heat loss and reduces heating time. I believe that, given a combination of a full pot of dip, no blanket, and a cold shop, the crock pot probably doesn't have enough wattage to ever get up to temperature.


Sep 2, 2019
I realize this is an old thread but I had the same issue. The Panasonic Panasonic NF-851E Fondue Tempura pot is working great for me. It can get much hotter than the hot dip temp if needed but the temperature control on the front makes it easy to get the temperature you want. It only cost me about $6 as well.