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Disassembling a Carlton radial drill for transportation questions?

Apr 19, 2006
Manchester, England
I don't want to use riggers, worried about the weight of the forklift and drill damaging my floor, 6" with rebar?
My other concern is my location, getting a loaded semi into my property, no concrete, just crappy clay soil!

Thanks for all the replies, probably just going pass on this machine and look for a smaller model......

“ Asquith “ made the OD1 which was a lighter drill weight wise but with the same capacity as the drill you had your eye on. That was built like a tank, I’m not sure that degree of over engineering is strictly necessary. The OD 1’s had a number 5 Morse taper spindle so they are plenty big enough. They were made in the thousands and sent all over the world. They’re a bullet proof design as anyone who’s worked one will tell you. Maybe you could find one over there ?

Regards Tyrone.


Thanks everyone for the replies!

I passed on the Carlton I was interested in.....still on the hunt for a smaller machine!

Old-Skewl fan of big radials, Canedy-Otto, Cincinnati-Bickford, and American. Luck of the Day Job that I never had hands on a Carlton meself.

...but neither need nor space, these days .. so ...Alzmetall AB5/S "column drill" instead.

Just so happens to (barely) clear an 8-foot overhead. With the spindle's Lunkenheimer-style oiler swapped-out for DIY pumped uphill plumbing, anyway.

"The other trick".. Is to mount a DP HEAD off an overhead beam.
Walker-Turner even had a factory option clamp-kit casting for semi-fixed version of that. Basically., all yah doo is run the column out the top side of the head casting, not the bottom. For some work, split the doff and still have ability to use the OEM table..

Got the beam arredy. And the Walker-Turner, now "in the middle" between the Alzmetall and the Electro-Mechano mini-mini, so I laid-in a pair of cheap beam-trolleys to DIY it. Already have a suitable steel worktable on 4-corner Iron-wheeled casters. Hydraulic die-cart as well. Scissor-lift table is another option.

On the back-burner, still yet, but...

... 'the plan' is it spend most of its time but 2 to 3 feet out from the nearest the wall.. until I NEED to drill to .......... the center of .......up to a 27 foot circle.

Mag base drills don' grip plywood nor plastics, not 'loominun & such all that well soo..

Got you a handy overhead beam, perchance?

Rig for adjustable angle and ....there are things sech a rig can do more easily than a radial.

Most especially save skeerce floorspace.. Bigtime!

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