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Disassembling a Carlton radial drill for transportation questions?

Apr 19, 2006
Manchester, England
I don't want to use riggers, worried about the weight of the forklift and drill damaging my floor, 6" with rebar?
My other concern is my location, getting a loaded semi into my property, no concrete, just crappy clay soil!

Thanks for all the replies, probably just going pass on this machine and look for a smaller model......

“ Asquith “ made the OD1 which was a lighter drill weight wise but with the same capacity as the drill you had your eye on. That was built like a tank, I’m not sure that degree of over engineering is strictly necessary. The OD 1’s had a number 5 Morse taper spindle so they are plenty big enough. They were made in the thousands and sent all over the world. They’re a bullet proof design as anyone who’s worked one will tell you. Maybe you could find one over there ?

Regards Tyrone.