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Discounts on Featherweight Straight Edges, Update


Jun 14, 2008
Bellingham, WA
I have recently had some folks inquire about and request discounts on the various straight edges I cast.

I do offer a 10% discount to PM members on any straight edges they purchase directly from me. But, I am updating that policy to say members have to be participating PM members not just someone who signs up one day and contacts me the next for a purchase and never before or since posted or even visited the website. This happened a few weeks ago. I did sell the guy a discounted straight 36" edge as he was, in fact, a member. At least technically. But, I just checked and his one and only visit to the site was to sign up and the next day requested his discount. No, it's not a big deal. But the discount is there for participating members and, in the future, will only be honored for folks with at least 25 posts and I will also say political BS and rants don't count. I will be the judge of that. This will rarely come up here, but I guess you have to spell it all out.

Similarly, I recently had a guy who is a long-ago student of Rich's and very involved in scraping requesting a student discount over and above the usual 10% member discount based on his history of once having taken a class. I explained to him via email that the student discount is intended to encourage a beginner to get started and take a little of the sting out of class tuition, straight edge casting purchase and all that goes with it. So, jstt to be clear, the one time/one straight edge, 30% discount applies to students who purchase a straight edge for a class and is refunded to them upon completion of a scraping class (Rich's or any other bona fide class). It is not given in advance (this has come up in the past) to someone "planning to take or even signed up for a class." It is refunded upon completion. Doing otherwise is just too much of an administrative headache.

I really appreciate the support you guys have given over the last few years supporting my "casting habit." It has been a challenging and interesting endeavor from which I have gotten much satisfaction. I continue to tweak my processes practically daily and the straight edges I cast continue to be second to none and keep getting better!

I will be posting more soon on my offerings which include 8", 18", and a relatively new 26" prism all my own unique designs and all of which double as parallels, and are designed to accomodate precision level vials. I provide them machined or as properly thermally stress-relieved raw castings. In addition, I continuie to cast and machine the original 36" Featherweight camelback and cast its big brother the 48. Last but not least, at least in terms of size, is my 12X30 box square. I know of no one making a box square of that size.