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DMG DMC103V Tool Changer stuck in some weird mode


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Oct 7, 2006
Petaluma CA 94952
I was running a job on my DMC103V and pressed the suspend button when it was in the middle of a tool change ( I thought it was far enough away from changing the tool). (It did not complete the tool change but because I had programmed a tool that wasn't in the spindle it never picked up a tool, it just hung with the spindle nose above the tool changer)

Ive always been able to fix this by doing the following:


1. Jog mode

2. Area switchover

3. Softkey 7 deckel maho

4. Softkey 7 manual operation

5. Softkey 1 tool change

6. With the keys yellow or violet, the tool changer can be moved. If it doesn't move after poking these,

7. Ref the axis. And all should work.

If there is a hard crash and the spindle is stuck in the changer. You may have to restart the machine.

After restart, barely crack the air open, go to 3-4-5 above. Move toolchanger to reset

Try removing tool from spindle.

Reference all axis, (you might have to hold the purple button to get Z to reference)

This time it wont complete 6. With the keys yellow or violet, the tool changer can be moved. If it doesn't move after poking these

Do I need to reload all the PLC and NCK data, or do I have to make/install a fresh system drive? (I have copies)
I was able to get it working again. Heres what happened, since the tool change never completed, the spindle was stuck in position above the tool changer. I turned off the machine and removed all the tools from the toolchanger then tried again and the spindle did a rapid move down to the z position where it could grab a tool. Since it was at an empty location, it didn't wreck anything (or pick a tool). This is a safety feature (I guess) to keep the spindle nose from smashing into the tool fingers or jamming on a tool out of position when the tool changer isn't referenced.

Still could not get the tool changer to move into a position to stop the error using the purple and yellow buttons. (still getting a "hamburger" button error, the button has a symbol that looks like a hamburger).

When the machine door was opened, the tool changer moved back away from the spindle and parked, which is normal in a tool changer error state, but when the door was shut and the control enabled, the tool changer moved forwards to the spindle but not in one smooth movement as it would normally, it jerked forwards, backwards, then forward to the spindle. This was doing something to the logic of the PLC with the limit sensor outputs. I restricted the air flow, (air input is turned on with a ball valve) and then the tool changer didn't have enough flow to do a full back and forth bounce off the limits. Then I could get the tool changer out of its error state. Whew!