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DMG Mori heavily advertising the new FP4M


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Brochure linked from that webpage says:
Can you remember the DECKEL FP 4? It is one of the most successful machines from DMG MORI in history with over 10,000 installations worldwide, many of them are still in operation today. We relaunched this machine!
That doesn't answer the question of who makes it, of course. Although the brochure also claims "100% MADE IN GERMANY".
I'd rather take anything FPxxNC over that thing, can't even approximate a circle or mill a thread.
Not even an universal table installed...
Loads of better, used machinery available at the moment, for very little money.

Martin P

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The Iran thing was long dead I thought and surely that would not be a viable source.

This machine is directed at trade schools. I think this is a good thing.

Manual Deckel are worth more than NC Deckel, with the later having dropped like brick in Germany.

I must assume that DMG is marketing the FPS machines?

Spud, your link shows the reconditionoing service for the old MK.
Of course they also make all new machines too.

I had not thought DMG and FPS had that type of working relationship.


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While FPS may indeed be making this machine it is enough different from what FPS is marketing that it seems a question,
The FPS manual machines are built in the FP1 and FP3 size , not the larger FP4 envelope.
Further the FPS machines retain the horizontal spindle and have full compliment gear change spindle drive transmissions...
This DMG offering is fitted using a modern spindle drive and lacks the horizontal spindle.

Why would we not believe that DMG could be building these machines in house, certainly they have that capibility...

Cheers Ross

Martin P

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It is somehow more than I would give DMG credit for.

Considering that the niche was by now well covered by FPS, I do not see the business opportunity.
I find it more lilely it is outsourced. I'd love to check one out.


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Don't believe this has anything to do with FPS. It is interesting though, that there is a large enough education market to support a new machine of this type. Already there is FPS and Kunzmann.


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Here in Denmark the "good old Vilhelm Pedersen" milling machines are long gone.

But the name lives on.
And now they 'make' thise.

And some are sold to trade schools here.
(It's a bit off topic I know). But there's still a marked for small manual mills in the trade school segment [emoji3526]

I'm excited to see if 'deckel' actually do make a 100% made in Germany, manual mill, anno 2021 [emoji3526]

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I met a fella in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada, that had one (a mill) in his garage, with almost no hours on it.

It was ... nice!

What this adds... Almost nothing... but, anyway...


10,000 FP4Ms sold, strikes me as rather suss, unless including 4s, 4NC, MAs, etc!

Is that a ground finish rather than planed on the table? Near double the power seems more FP4 than M too. Looks like it needs air hooked up for waylube.


DMG has a long relation with FPS as they have been licenced to reproduce all castings from the old FP lines. Not long ago, DMG provided a friend with spare parts from FPS.
After a closer inspection of the photos the machine seems identical with some discontinued models of FPS.
The horizontal spindle is not completely missing, as the quill is covered by painted sheet metal, propably to reduce cost to minimum.If you still stay skeptical about the real parent of the machine, please check the latest control housings on the FPS models(design,L-shaped handle etc)...
Moreover DMG has created a Training line with the above mentioned milling machine and a toolmaker's lathe (this time by GDW), focusing on the hundreds of training schools of Germany and Benelux.
ps1uk-fp4-pdf-data-pdf.jpg FPS-500M-.jpg

csm_GDW-Drehmaschine-LZ360VS-comfortline_a417a9aa1e.jpg nef-360-lz-picture-1.jpg


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Don't believe this has anything to do with FPS. It is interesting though, that there is a large enough education market to support a new machine of this type. Already there is FPS and Kunzmann.

Abene also makes similar machines. I can't find the Abene factory website anymore, have they ceased existing ?

This site has pictures of new Abene machines.

Mine looks mostly like the VHF-350 seen below, except the control is simpler and located on the machine. And the quill handle is located on the side, rather than towards the front.

Click on pic for larger version

Peter from Holland

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I did not see any manual gearchanging possibillity
Eighter done electrically or they used a heavier motor with a VFD
I suspect the the last option with a 6Kw spindledrive



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Let's see an FP1/2/3 relaunch as well guys! And watch the used-market prices go a bit lower than over the roof where they are currently....
(and start from the FP3 please �� )