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DMG Mori Milltap 700 Siemens 840D Control, please help!


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Hello Everyone,

We have a DMG Mori Milltap 700 in our shop with the Siemens 840D control. Unfortunately none of us at the shop know how to use this control; we have experience with Fanuc and Mitsubishi controls.. Is there anyone here who can offer some help on how we can use Fanuc/Mitsubishi programs with this control or convert them to use on this control? Please feel free to private message me. If converting programs, compensation for your time can be discussed. Thank you!

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I run a GF+ Mikron with siemens 840D controls. While I am not 100% familiar with the fanuc/mitusbishi programs, there are a few things different on Siemens controls. On my particular machine the programs do not use a g43 tool length offset, the controls take care of that automatically. Instead of a G53 Z0 for tool return mine uses MHOME. Other than that work offsets, standard m-codes i.e. M0 M1 M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M9 work the same.

Load a program and single block your way through and you should get a feel for it.


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To use a "foreign" language on a SIEMENS controller you have to use G290 & G291. G291 lets you program FANUC code and when done G290 will let you back to SIEMENS. If your machine does not know these two G_codes then you need to change MP.
Activation of functions
Machine data 18800 $MN_EXTERN_LANGUAGE is used to activate the external language. The language type, ISO Dialect-M or T is selected with machine data 10880 $MN_EXTERN_CNC_SYSTEM.
The external language can be activated separately for each channel. For example,
channel 1 can operate in ISO mode but channel 2 is active in Siemens mode.
Hope this helps.