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DMG MORI NHX4000 Tool Simulation


Feb 25, 2021
Currently have a DMG MORI NHX4000 that we are trying to run code simulation on. The main problem is cutter comp errors. We are able to use dry run to check for these errors but not in program "trace" (simulation). The machine will show the code run without interference error but when in actual cycle will error out for cutter compensation error. Wondering if there is a way that during simulation too make the machine use the tool data while running simulation.

We have found that within the simulation function you have to input tool data again separately so that the simulation knows the tool exists. Wondering why it can not just see the information that is already within the machine tool data.

Is this just not a feature that is offered? does the simulation just verify that the code is in the correct format only? any information would be helpful. Thank you