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DMU 60T 1997, MillPlusv320 - toolchanger homing procedure


Oct 25, 2023

I recently bought a 1997 Deckel Maho. The machine came from Austria and had the Z axes swapped with the Y axes. Trying to follow the documentation in German I managed to swap these axes, but as happens in life something must have gone wrong. The base positions after swapping the axes were not quite correct.... The table did not lower enough and the door to the tool storage could not open. After changing the machine constants, I didn't check if the door was opening and the servo moving the tool picker hit the door and stopped.

The milling machine displays the following errors when trying to base the XYZ axis
E323: Tool changer in undefined position
E302: Tool changer arm not centred

I could not find any information about entering any service mode for such an old millplus, newer versions have the possibility of entering a password when viewing the IO, but there is no mention of this here.

The servo which drives the gripper is INDRAMAT MKD 041 B-144-KP1. The DKC 1.1-030-3 servo controller has no errors and displays the signal ‘bb’. - Ready to operate.
Reading about this servo I connected with the DriveTop software. By unlocking the brake with an external power supply I set the servo to the position that shows as base but this did not allow the whole machine to base. I couldn't find any way to be able to do basing from DriveTop, it looks like it's just setting parameters and at most clearing errors.

Is there any way to base this servo from MillPlus or any other way?



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