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Do All C-1213a Automatic horizontal Bandsaw

Nov 22, 2021
Hey guys Ive owned this saw for a couple years now and have always ran it manually with no issues. Recently I bought a Cnc mill and have found out why a automated bandsaw would be handy lol. I inquired about a Electrical schematic from Do-ALL but was informed they are currently on backorder 😑 I have gone through the wiring and have become very familiar with it. It was originally owned by a machine shop that I bought itnfrom and appears the maintenance men did some handy work on the wiring. I have it operating in "Automatic" but not completely at the end of the cycle Ive found if I manually cycle one of the relays it performs the cut in sequence as it should but after countless hours I cant figure out what is supposed power the coil to the relay to get it to function fully automated. I can provide pictures (the wiring is ugly and not my work lol) after I get it sorted out I am going to tidy it up. If anyone has a guess or input that would be great! Thanks guys