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Do you use 3D printing?


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We recently bought an inexpensive desktop printer to prototype some complex parts. We didn’t know if it would work but the very low cost of these printers is amazing.

The pic shows the first version of an eductor mixing nozzle. We were pleasantly surprised that the printed versions were rugged enough to test. We made and tested multiple variations before cutting metal.



Prototyping is sort of the original intended use for these machines, but it's only half the story. There are a lot of useful things can be made on them that otherwise you'd be making on manual or CNC machines out of wood, aluminum or engineering plastics. Simplest example would be just making various organizers / holders for your shop. Here are a few things I've made.






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We recently bought an inexpensive desktop printer to prototype some complex parts. We didn’t know if it would work but the very low cost of these printers is amazing.

Make, Model, and price please.
What kind of filament ?


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It is an Anycubic Predator (delta style) $329. Standard PLA filament. The solid models were made in SolidWorks

I was surprised at the results with such a cheap and cheerful solution. We had the thing for a while before we invested the time to learn it. They probably get cheaper and better every month.


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I have a cheap printer in my office that has been running at least 40hrs a week for the last few weeks making tool organizers for our setup carts.

Mike Henry

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I've got a Prusa MK3. Great product. They just came out with an XL size version with head changer and now print farm automation:


According to Prusa, the XL won't be out until Q2 or Q3 2022. That usually means Q1 or Q2 2023 for shipping to start and if you were to pre-order now ($200, refundable) you can probably expect to wait a year or so for delivery.


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I have a Flash Forge that I purchased several years ago for 1200.00. I have made several items that are still in use today. Here is a video of a couple of thread dial indicators made from abs. They are still in service. My printer has a heated bed so it can print just about any material, from soft silicones to hard bronzes.
I just printed this degree ring for a Harig grind all swivel base I'm making.... pushes on tight and works well in my home shop.




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I make custom part racks that are used to ship small parts to the anodizer. No more dents or scratches!
Locating fixtures for the marking laser

The odd prototype. Or simple tool gets printed to.
For the price of the cheap ones now There is really no reason a shop should not have one.
If you already have a cad system it’s only $300 more to add a prototype printer to your shop. No brainer. Hand a customer a part in hand the next day. If you get one job becouse if it, it’s paid for.

Look up “creality Enders 3”
Cheap, super popular right now, lots of YouTube help because everyone has got one.
Sub $300