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Doall VS618-2 Surface Grinder questions


Sep 24, 2022
Hi All Just got a used Doall VS618-2 Surface Grinder that works but.....
Its missing the original manual longitudinal handle, does anyone know what the draft on the handle is or have a used one for sale.?
Also the the x axis hydraulic feed works fine but the y axis only moves from inside to outside and the distance it moves is approximately .200 " per pass at full open does not engage unless its full open and even then is a little finicky.
Before I start tearing it apart I was thinking maybe the hydraulic oil could just be very old and the valves are sticking?
Has anybody else had this problem and/ or what are thoughts on adding some kerosene or something (suggestions?) to loosen things up before replacing the oil? Also what grade of hydraulic oil?


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