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Doosan DNM4500 fluid volume and types, are machinists particular about the manufacturers?


Sep 29, 2022
Two part question. I need to order some fluids before the tech can set up my VMC. Dug through the manual and found the diagram below.

First part:
I don't think I need grease for the ATC cam & spline or the grease cartridge since that should have been installed at the factory. What I do need appears to be for:
- the cam box, which I assume is for the ATC required 5 units of CC150 (looks like a light gear oil)
- air unit 0.05 units of FD22 oil (looks like a light oil that mixes with the air supply)
- 18l (4.76gal) of FC10 oil for the spindle/cooler

No units are specified, other than for the oil cooler. If I put my big brain on I would assume the units are liters, since that's matches up with the spindle oil volume. But, I don't want to mess something up.

Second part:
I have a small background in DIY automotive stuff and people are very particular about their fluids. Are there manufacutuers I should avoid or should I just put in the most cost effecitive fluid as long as they meet the listed spec? e.g. CONCO for the spindleoil @ $125 vs Mobil1 @ $250