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Doosan Lathe, Tool Setter Adjustment/Calibration ?


Jan 12, 2003
Over the last 4 years the tool setter or X axis on my Lynx2100 has drifted about .003"( .006" on size) somewhere somehow.
Originally it was set so that OD tools would cut .002" big(So -.002" X offset), ID tools .002" small so (+.002" to be on size). Now when I touch off I have to put a -.008" X offset to be on OD size, and -.004" for ID tools. This is getting a bit annoying.

So what's the best way to correct this?
Parameter 5015 currently says 44.255mm
Parameter 5016 currently says 74.040mm

Do I add 0.152mm (.006") or only .075mm (.003" ) to each of these or do I subtract?
I tried to find a video on youtube or something but nothing of any use so far.


Jan 6, 2007
Bergen County
Q-Setter Calibration Procedure For Doosan Turning Centers

1- Setup a test piece in the chuck ( preferably aluminum ).
2- Select and install the proper tool ( turning/boring/back turning) into the turret.
3- Probe the tool.
4- Select the MDI mode.
5- Type in T0101; ( which ever tool you are using to calbriate the Q-setter with).
6- Press INSERT.
8- At this point, it is extremely important that you DO NOT press the RESET button at anytime. If you do, you will need to repeat steps 5,6,&7.
9- Take a test cut along the diameter, remember the postition the control reads in the "X".
10- With a micrometer, measure the test piece your have just cut.
11- Find the difference between the actual measurement and what the control displayed.
12- Take the difference in inches and multiply by 25400 ( please note where decimal is ).
Example: Control Displays "X" 1.0000 and test part measures .9950".
1.0000" - .9950" = .0050".
.0050" x 25400 = 127.

13- Now apply this value to the proper parameter ( it is a good idea to write down the original parameter before making changes ).
14- To access the parameters, machine must be in the MDI mode.
15- Press OFFSET/SETTING key until the setting page appears.
16- Change the PARAMETER WRITE to enable ( 1 ).
17- Press the SYSTEM key.
18- Press the PARA soft key ( soft keys are under the CRT ).
19- Type in the parameter number.
Parameter # 5015 is +X
Parameter # 5016 is -X
Parameter # 5017 is +Z
Parameter # 5018 is -Z
20- Press the NO. SCH soft key and the control will find the number you typed in.
21- After changing parameter, repeat steps 3 thru 10 to see if the Q-setter is now accurate.
22- After you finish calibration procedure, set the PARAMETER WRITE to disable ( 0 ).


Jun 11, 2005
Make a cut.
Make a tool geometry offset in X to correct for size.
Remember that value.
Adjust parameter using metric values no decimal.
retouch tool setter till offset matches.
Repeat until correct


Jan 12, 2003
In my control it shows a decimal under those parameters. Control is whatever fanuc Oi they were using in 2018 on the lynx 2100LB

I guess I'll add .152mm to 5015 and 5016 and see if it goes the right way, and if it doesn't I'll take it off the other way.

Anyone got a guess as to why and where these tool setters keep drifting?
Machine still cuts very straight, can't imagine it went out of level that much but I haven't re-checked it in 4 years.