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Dovetail AirVise - Minimum Clamping Force


Sep 5, 2020
Doing some tests with the haas/warwick airvises and Im trying to get more clamping force by switching out stronger springs in the piston. We ordered a few different strength springs and currently the best I can get is 1700 psi (17ftlbs) of clamping force max. I figured out the ft lbs by clamping a manual 5th axis vise with a torque wrench and it matched in regards to psi. 10 ft lbs read 1000 psi, 25 ft lbs read 2500 psi etc.

This got me thinking about my normal clamping force of 50-55 ft lbs for day to day jobs and whether or not this is overkill. We also started dabbling in lights out robot tending on our DVF5000 and with smaller aluminum parts clamping force has yet to be an issue. Now that we are getting more comfortable we want to run some bigger parts and I am worried about parts flying. Obviously its dependent on part size, material and how hard we are going but what is really the minimum clamping force when using dovetails?