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Dries and Krump Chicago 816 nose rail

Adrian Williams

Nov 25, 2019
Looking to see if anyone has a nose rail for a 40s 816 dries and krump Chicago brake. Mines leaving ripples and not at all in good condition. Thought about pulling it out and sending it to a machine shop to remake because new is $600 and still needs to be drilled and tap 100 bolt holes. Anyone have one in great condition to sell or any advice? Was told by a Sheetmetal shop friend they pulled theirs and welded and Re-machined theirs. This again would have better outcome of getting it to a machine shop and be cost equivalent to new or remanufactured I’d venture to guess. Open to any advice before I spend $600. Thanks.
It’s part number 12-A by the way in the old rags
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