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Drilling 3016 with Carbide without TSC


Nov 1, 2020
Have a 316 job where I need to drill about 2,000 4.3mm holes approximately 1xd.? I don't have TSC but do have some rather aggressive flood coolant, high flow I would say. I am considering trying the Haas carbide drills (https://www.haascnc.com/haas-tooling/holemaking/carbide_drills/03-0880.html), which I think the the YG1 Inox variant. Will there be any issue using a coolant through drill with only flood? Should I go by their recommended speeds and feeds even though I would assume they factor in TSC? Will be holding the drills in either a Maritool or Tendo hydraulic.

I also have a 2.5mm hole that is about 3.5xd, 8x per part. I'm under the impression carbide drills don't like to peck and I should just stick to cobalt?
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Jun 21, 2019
At just 1xD flood is fine, your tool, machine and material won't know the difference. Also S&F for a TC drill using flood coolant at 1xD will be fine.

3.5xD may be deep enough to cause trouble, you'll have to play with S&f a bit to get good chip clearing.

I will let the others argue cobalt vs carbide.