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drilling/gluing inserts into granite surface plate.


Sep 8, 2018
Novi, MI
howdy fellas, i'm needing to install some threaded inserts into our surface table. what do i need for this? special drill/cores? what glue/epoxy would be best for this?
If just a few I would probably make a drill guide out of a scrap block, and use one of these hardware store core bits in a hand drill slowly. The remaining core will break off and pull out the hole if small enough, or run a solid bit in after to clear it out. But this would leave a much nicer top edge than a solid bit. Set the inserts with another block and through bolt to keep them perpendicular and below surface. Don't over think it, but take your time?


I own a core drill, but I think I would still attempt it the way I described above at first.

The countertop guys use a wet angle grinder with a core bit usually in the field, but a faucet hole is far from precision. (as are countertop fabrication shops in my personal experience)
thanks guys
do i need specific inserts to go into granite, or just your normal run of the mill mcmaster stuff?
When building CMM type stuff we would call in a guy.
Mag drill with diamond plated core drill. Big ass chunk of ground steel for the drill to attach to and stay 90.
Literally a garden hose for water. (messy, we did it in the parking lot.)
Star chisel to remove the core. Do not remember the glue as this 40 years back but it was just a basic epoxy.
We made the inserts on a lathe and nothing fancy about them but they got bolted to a plate/jig during glue to be square and in position. Lessons learned.
This in the way back machine so I have no idea if better ideas or higher accuracy now.
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