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DRO on a sweet 16 lathe


Apr 14, 2007
Has anyone installed a DRO on their lathe? I have a 16" and am wanting to install one but don't know which one and will it be worth it
I put a Newall on my heavy 10 and it has been great. Installation was very neat I extended my tail stock quill to make up for the cross feed reader.
Member Jackoftheveld did the tail stock for me and his work is first class and fast.

rebuilt my Clausing 11" removed and reinstalled a Sony DRO I"m just a beginner but seemed very important to keep meters parallel to your bed and cross slide
Thanks for the reply. My ways have some wear. If I snug the saddle lock with it near the chuck and then run it toward the tailstock it stops in about 7". Do you think it would a DRO would still work?
I put an Eaason on my 16" and use it alot (it's turning now) without issues. Alot of bed ware but the DRO measures what the lathe will do, not the other way around. Earl

Allow me to ask this.........

I am considering a DRO for a Bridgeport Mill I just acquired. Does anyone know if the display would work with both assuming the correct scales were installed on each machine?

The mill and the lathe are adjacent to one another in my garage. I could mount the display between them and change scale connections for the one I happen to be using. Economically, this would make good sense.

Just thinking out loud..................

EDIT: I'll throw this out there too. There are data switches available to switch multiple inputs to a common output. This would make flopping the display from one to the other an easy matter.

Do you have more pictures of your installed DRO you could post? Do you feel it is worth installing and in what ways is it helping you?
Thanks Bill
DRO on Heavy 10?

Not trying to throw a wet blanket, and of course each operator has their own needs, so this might or might not apply, but...:)

What I like is a trav-a-dial on the long axis of my heavy 10. Saves the DRO money and installation for the mill (where they'll do a lot more for the typical operator) or other tooling.