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DS&G lathe

Here is a starting point to address the point that Michael Moore made saying “usually the oiler supplied by DSG is long gone…”

Stephens Lubrication in the UK is a great help here. http://www.stephenslube.co.uk/

The Hydraulic Oil Nipples that my 1960 Type 17 DSG uses are 1/8-28 BSPT and are the HP2 items on the Grease Nipples page.
Repeated use causes the nipples to wear and leak when using the oil gun. Replacing them is very simple.

I use the 31961 Telescopic Hand Gun from the Stephens Lubrication – Wanner Lubrication Equipment page.
It comes the 38410 brass concave nozzle, also available separately on that page, that interfaces with the HP2 hydraulic oil nipples.

As Michael Moore said, use these to lubricate that lathe with OIL ONLY! The motor bearings are the only place on my lathe that actually uses grease, and North American grease guns work fine for that.
Thanks Dutch, this machine is definitely a fair bit longer then 48 between centres so ya it would probably be 9-10,000 pounds area,
, I probably will move this thing eventually but my first step will be to evaluate it on the spot, I need to know what I’m up against,