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Dual Dial Disassembly?


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I recently acquired an HLV-H EM. I took the tool post slide apart to clean and adjust but I can't tell how to disassemble the dual dial assembly (maybe press apart?). Some plastic shavings have worked their way in leaving their tales sticking out here and there. Pulled out what I could, but I'm sure there are some deeper in. I would like to clean them out and get it working as smoothly as possible. Anyone know how to disassemble the dual dial?

Also, I ended up with a small steel ball lying on the bench after taking things apart. Don't know where it came from. I couldn't find it in the parts list. Any help?

I still have the cross slide, carriage and tailstock to go and would like to understand things better before proceeding.

Photos of both attached.

Dual dial assembly.jpg

Fugitive bearing ball.jpg
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I have never owned one or seen one apart. But I am betting that taking one apart without knowing anything about the complex gearing inside will lead to buying a new one or paying one of the Hardinge repair pros to fix it. Might be cheaper to just send it to one of the pros for cleaning.

See this thread for two of the well-known pro shops in the Boston area. Hardinge repair service needed in southern CT

There is another in the Chicago area. About Iverson and Company | Engineering Machine Sales & Service



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I've taken them apart, it's not bad. The small idler gear just fits in a hole as I recall, and the "ring" gear is permanently attached to one of the drums. As I recall, from the stage of your picture, it just pulls apart, there is a spring-loaded "shoe" that provides friction when adjusting the dials, so make sure things don't fly all over. Another thing to note is that those parts fit VERY close, so any burr or nick will stop those drums from assembling, and they must be assembled carefully.

I don't know where that ball came from, I don't recall one (but not sure, should be fairly obvious if so)