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Dura Bar to make Cast Iron for Straight edges

Richard King

Jul 12, 2005
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
We were talking about extruded iron that I recommend to make parallels out of. I have been buying from Dura-Bar for over 30 years.

I make the test pieces my students use during the scraping classes. I have patterns to make camelback straight edges as do a few other members.

I also used to buy a square Dura-Bar and have it cut diagonally to make prism straight edges.

I called them and got a quote for what I bought. My last order was in January / 2020 and I ordered G2 iron plate sawed to the size of .750 x 3.625 x 72" long. I bought 2 pieces that size, The price was $137.64 each. Back then they had a $200.00 minimum and it hasn't changed as it is still $200.00. Debby told me if the order totaled to 195.00 she would sell it for that, not $200.00

I spoke to Debby at Dura-bar and she quoted today's prices for the same sawed iron is $ 181.67 each

You can also buy a clean-up size 2 x 4 x 72 extruded piece that looks like hot rolled steel for a lot cheaper. I forgot to ask her. Check out their web-site dura-bar.com as they have all sorts of materials and sizes. You can have it sawed as I do and then Blanchard grind it. Cut to different lengths. Cheaper per unit in my opinion. Also have to include freight. Back in 2020 the charge was from Woodstock, IL (near Chicago to St. Paul, MN) was shoot I don't have that price. Today's price is $162.50.
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Useful info, thanks. Haven’t bought any durabar for a few years and need some more shortly. Was expecting a big price increase. Good to hear not so much.