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Sep 12, 2013
western pennsylvania
at this time i amusing a grizzly wall mounted 1 HP dust collector. never did like it. what are the thoughts of a Festool dust collector. they look like a large shop vac. i will be using it for a 6 in belt sander and a 14 in bandsaw. suggestions/ advise??
What didn't you like about the Griz? Is this for a metal shop, woodshop, basement...?

I've been using a few Jet & Delta 1-1/2hp roll-a-rounds with canister with good results. Your machine shouldn't need much vac power.
i am sanding and sawing wood; using a 1 hp grizzly dust extractor. would like to know if anyone is using a festool dust extractor (much more hp than the grizzly) and what are your thoughts about the festool??
I wonder if the Festool will be more powerful than the Grizzly? The air coming out will probably be cleaner if you go HEPA, but that will likely take more cleaning. I have a Fein similar to what you ask about and it works well and is quiet. It gets used on a bandsaw most often. My 1.5 HP Jet roll around is lots more powerful though. Any of the above will do what you want, I think. Look at a Dust Deputy while you're thinking about this.
Buy Festool for your ego and the other brands for your wallet and performance. They all do the job, its not a particularly high tech piece of gear.
The festool vacs are fantastic, but they don’t have the CFM needed for a belt sander and a bandsaw. They’re meant for hand held tools like random orbital sanders and track saws. They have a high static pressure but a lower cfm. You want a dust collector, similar to what you have but bigger with more CFM and a better filter.