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DXF Copying on Sodick


Sep 17, 2022
Hello All,
Using the soddick LN2W software & Heart NC on our VL600Q, is there anyway that I can copy the contents of one dxf file onto another so that multiple components ( different dxf files) can be all cut out of one sheet.

For example , I open up 001.dxf in UTY and my component is displayed on the screen. I then want to add / copy another component from file 002.dxf so that I now have 2 components from separate files on the screen , then I can go about the Gen Nc process and cut them both in one go.

Currently I am having to open up separate dxfs on PC cad software then copy and paste and save as one dxf .

Any help or a diffinitive NO it can't be done will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance