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Dynapath Delta 20 Power Supply Failure


Sep 21, 2009
San Diego, Ca
Tried to power up my Tree 325 last weekend. Received a dead battery error at start up (locked out of the control). Replaced the 3.6v battery that is on the Aux board in the Dynapath Delta 20 controller.

Powered on the machine, checksum pass, diagnostics pass...

Display read "Press Mode Select". This all looked normal.

No response from "Mode Select" button/still unable to access the control.

Removed all control boards, cleaned the socket pins, looked for obvious damage, nothing visually at this point.

Tried to power on again, same result.

By the 4th attempt of restart the CRT screen began to struggle to power on/display anything at all. Now the screen only flickers when the control switch is turned to the on position, nothing after. The control does show signs of life. All of the fans in the cabinet, including the control chassis fan, all kick on.

I do have LEDS illuminated on the boards in the control...one that is new shows "PROC WDT FAIL". This is on the Aux board, the same board that required the new 3.6v battery.

I powered down the machine and gave this some thought. Double checked my incoming voltage (this machine is being powered by artificial 3 phase).

240v (this is the artificial leg)

After starring at the control in the machine for nearly an hour and realizing how easy it is to pull from the cabinet, I decided to go for it. Upon further inspection of the power supply I discovered 2 burned up resistors on the board. Unfortunately, of the nearly 10" thick stack of paperwork/drawings/docs that were included with this machine when I purchased it, nothing that shows a schematic of the power supply.

Does anybody happen to have a source for a diagram? Make/Model: Deltron Q170

Here is the ID tag on the underside of the power supply chassis:


Here is a photo of the burned resistors:


Here is a photo of the underside of the power supply board:


Happy Sunday, thanks in advance!


Cast Iron
Dec 18, 2004
Waltham, MA
If the resistors are burned, look for additional problems maybe a failed capacitor or a shorted diode.
Resistors do not fail by them self.