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easy to use cmm

I really like Helmel CMMs. Built in Niagara Falls NY they are a very simple design at a very fair price.
How about keyence it’s pretty simple to use. How accurate are you wanting?

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You won’t meet 0.0006” in a bore with any level of certainty on a Keyence. We have one, it’s great, it’s not that great other than maybe on very thin parts. Also, necrothread.
It doesn’t matter, if your bore isn’t perfectly perpendicular you get a misread with an optical system like that. I’ve had most of not all of those devices in front of me for a demo. None of them were accurate measuring a gage block for the same reason.
Yep, new Mitutoyo 00 blocks, with cert, temperature controlled space, and the Keyence rep doing the measurement. I wanted it to work, needed something that could do what they claimed and had the money if it worked. What’s your interest?