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EDM small hole alignment


Jan 28, 2022
Hey guys just looking for the best option to align the electrode to the part I’m cutting. I’ve used the electrode as an edge find with my dro and it doesn’t seem to be accurate enough, or at least how I’m doing it. I’m using a 0.5mm electrode and cutting a 0.152mm hole/trying to line up with a similar size hole. I can eyeball it to get it very very close, pretty much spot on but I’m looking for a method to align the tool so I can cut many pieces without having to eyeball every one. I’m using a 4in tilting roatary table with a 3 jaw chuck to hold the piece. Any ways to do this more accurately and efficiently without having to eyeball every one? Thank you


Cast Iron
Mar 2, 2019
What it says on the tin. I device specifically designed in terms of accuracy and ease of use to hold the work pieces you are struggling with.


Jan 14, 2020
Are you picking up the part with an edge finder or the electrode itself? Is it a CNC machine or manual? I'm assuming there is no touch probe.