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Oct 25, 2016
I am trying to compile all the parts I think I am missing from my ELSR (1944 Round Dial Serial #26080). I have all the parts identified in Diagram E-14 except the following. I may in fact have SOME of them as I have a lot of extra parts, not sure why, probably just because the bags weren't labeled properly.

Missing parts

#8 EE-2599
#15,25 - they are the same part, EE-1766

15,25,29,34 are detent plungers

I'm not sure what #19 is and #8 is some kind of plug.

It is highly unlikely anyone has any of these parts, BUT you never know. If anyone has any pictures of these parts, or CAN take a picture of these parts, it would be greatly appreciated.

I have quoted these from Monarch, and as you guessed, they are stupid expensive and 6 weeks delivery.
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