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Enco Mill variable speed drive belt


Sep 13, 2021
Hello, I am new to this forum so bear with me if I seem stupid. I got a enco 100-3990 for a few hundred dollars but needs a variable speed drive belt. The old drive belt was completely shredded and the only thing I could make out on it was in 1 spot said "bando" and in another spot said 1410. I cannot seem to find any information with just that. What I did determine is that the old belt was approximately the common 34.5" based on the shred of belt was left that I measured. So I bought a 1.5"x 34.5" belt and it seems fine on length but I had to spread the pully on the motor to get the 1.5" belt to fit in, which doesn't seem right to me. Can anyone offer some insight as to the correct belt number or at least the correct size? I cannot find a manual that says it's specifically for the 100-3990 model, so if anyone has that it would be awesome as well.