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Entering US from Canada with used machine, less than $2500?

richard newman

Jul 28, 2006
rochester, ny
What is involved with bringing a used Yale electric pallet jack into the US from Canada? Price is under $2500. What documents would I need, will I have to pay duties?
I would take it apart in a few pieces and call it parts.
A manufacturer I used to work for used to do this to avoid taxes.
Good luck.
I do the reverse often ( US -Can)
if it's a personal thing, a bill of sale and a reasonable explanation is usually enough. No duty as it is a US made item.
For a commercial item you should get in touch with a customer broker. Not much cost and way less fuss. My experience is they are worth it just for their knowledge of the paperwork!
Depends who you get at the border. I think the rule is anything under $2500 should be allowed as a personal entry, ie no hassle no broker show them the bill of sale good to go. However, if the guy is an ah or suspects you are doing something shady they can make it difficult . No way of knowing till you get there and no way to argue any decisions they make.
The best advice is to be honest, these guys have heard it all, many, many times over. They aren't there to protect America from pallet jacks, there are much bigger problems. Stress that it is for personal use, not a commercial deal. Have a bill of sale with the correct sale price. It might help to tell the border guys where the machine was made originally. I brought a machine into the U.S. that was originally made in Philadelphia, the guy basically said it was "American produced machinery re-entering the U.S.", and let me through no problem. The guy then looked at me and said with a big smile "Philadelphia, home of the Eagles".
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