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Epilog, Universal Laser Systems or something else?


Jan 24, 2022
We currently have two Universal Laser Systems CO2 lasers. We use them primarily for cutting acrylic, acetal and other plastics. We also do some engraving. Usually just for labeling project, part and batch numbers for traceability. We like the interface of the older ULS system that treated the laser like a printer. That interface is simple and familiar. The software we use is CorelDRAW. The newer ULS has a different interface which works well, but we just don't like it as much as the old system. We have heard good things about Epilog, but have no hands on experience. The system we are replacing has 120W CO2 laser and a 32" x 18" table. We would like to get a larger working area and at least the same power. The system we are considering is the Fusion Pro 48 120 Watt CO2. Our other laser has both CO2 and Fiber, so while it would be nice we don't need fiber on this system. Let me know your experience good or bad with Epilog or any other similar system.