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Jul 20, 2021
Oregon, USA
Hi Everyone

I'm working on doing some market research into the uses and need of ERP software within machine shops. Having worked in a machine shop in every area between button pusher, QC, and manager, I know that each area of the shop has different needs and some shops simply don't need ERP software. With that said, I'm looking to interview a few of you owners and managers in regards to ERP software (no more than 15 minutes over Zoom, or if you are local to Portland I'll buy you a coffee and we can meet in person). If you're not interested in an interview, would you mind answering some or all of the questions below? I'm looking to get as many opinions as possible and with how dynamic you guys all are, your feedback is appreciated!


1. What ERP software do you use? What factors went into choosing this ERP Software? What do you like or dislike about it? If you DON'T use ERP software, what's the reason?

2. How critical is ERP software to you and the flow in your shop?

3. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase "software consultant"?

4. Do you use a full ERP solution, or do you have separate software solutions for payroll, inventory, etc? Do they all work together?

5. What is the most important thing to you when it comes to ERP software (I've heard many shop owners complain that most ERP software is either stupid simple and worthless or too complex and expensive)?

6. Do you allocate a certain budget towards software or do you simply buy software as you need it?

7. Do you use any subscription-based software or is all/most of your software "Pay Once"?

8. What is your biggest complaint in regards to most currently available ERP solutions?

I appreciate you all very much for taking your time! I'm building a company solely dedicated to serving shop owners like yourself to add as much value as possible to shops around the world.

Please note, I will NOT be pitching any products or trying to make any sales from this. You will NOT be spammed or DM'd if you answer any of these questions; they aren't loaded questions I'm strictly doing research. You and your answers will remain anonymous. Thank you!


Hot Rolled
Nov 28, 2016
There was a guy saying almost the same thing a year or so ago, can't remember the name. You might be able to find his threads and get some answers.

We use accounting and inventory software that is subscription based. As a small shop it has seemed like ERP would burn as much time to keep accurate as it would save. And we're product based, not a job shop, so that might change the dynamic too.