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Error 9 Absolute Position Malfunction and spontaneous rebooting.

Areo Defense

Apr 25, 2022
Hello All,
I have a Nexus 510C-II with Error 9, Absolute Position Malfunction. The only operator who knew it had to move and, aside from a couple pages of notes, everything was in his head. For the record I'm not a supporter of tribal knowledge, he was here before my time, lol.

I think the machine was powered down with a dead backup battery. Is resetting the absolute position user settable or do we need to call a mazak tech to do it?

Also, the control spontaneously reboots and I have zero idea what's causing it. Perhaps related to the Abs pos malfunction?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Jun 9, 2022
Phoenix, Arizona
We have a couple of them here.
We have noticed the controls are getting old and will have random issues. the mitsubishi inside is having issues with bad hard drives or power supplies on the internal computer getting old and dying.
We have them turned on 140+ hours a week. So there are some serious hours on the 10y old electronics now.
We stock entire replacement controls for the lathes and mills for this XP based control.

After you plug in a USB keyboard can you boot windows into 'Safe Mode' with F8 ?
If safe mode gets bluescreened or the normal mazak start screen hangs up, your hard disk might be headed out.