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Estate items on auction- central Illinois


Mar 7, 2020
My father recently passed away, and I have taken some of his shop machines to a consignment auction. Langham auctioneers, Donnellson, Illinois. https://www.langhamauctioneers.com/...4-machinery-and-equipment-online-only-auction
Kwik-way flywheel grinder, Ohio #2 horizontal mill with vertical head, 17” Clausing lathe, Bridgeport vertical mill, Brown &Sharpe surface grinder, and a Cincinnati 24” universal shaper. Online only, ends Mar 16. Lots 509 thru 515.
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I found a Bridgeport on page 3. Didn't find the other stuff. But I had to scroll through a lot of consigned junk so was getting impatient.
Is this stuff sitting out in the weather until it's sold and hauled away?
The items are all listed there, but not numbered yet. Clausing lathe is in an open front shed due to its size, but other machines are inside an enclosed building out of the elements. Will list lot numbers once they are posted. Maybe these forums are not the proper place to post these auction items, but I hoped there were other small shops like ours who want inexpensive machines for occasional use, and can’t justify top of the line, expensive stuff for limited use.
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