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Ethernet CNC expertise needed


Cast Iron
Aug 6, 2006
Looking to find any experts on low level Ethernet & TC/IP. We have a 2000 era Matsuura with a J300 Yasnac control.

Ethernet is currently installed and enabled on the control. We have been able to transfer files via Ethernet/FTP for a little while, but the ethernet connection was often un-reliable, and now has failed completely. We have tried using both Windows 2000, and WinXP Pro.

We CAN establish a low level ethernet connection between the Control and PC. User authentication is anonymous. The control shows a valid connection, and packets transmitted and received. The PC recognizes the connection on Port 10002, but the control fails to connect at the file directory level. The Control displays a "no response" error message. The connection logs on the PC show a valid FTP connection and authentication. The FTP Server shows a current session open.

We have been using IIS as the FTP server. We also have the Yasnac Ether_dnc server app. IIS was what was working before, but would drop the connection randomly when we would do a file directory on the control. We have NEVER gotten the control to recognize the Ether_dnc server. However we CAN establish a reliable low level TC/IP connection using Ether_DNC.

Questions: 1. IS anyone using the Yasnac Ether_DNC server? Are there Windows security settings you had to change for that to work correctly?
2. Is anyone using Win NT/2000 and IIS as a server? Same question: What specific Win settings for that to work?
3. Same question as #2 for Fanuc or other controls.
4. Do the ethernet tranceivers fail randomly, yet still allow a low level connection?
5. DO the symptoms above sound like a hardware failure, or software on the control side, or authentication on the PC side?
6. Is there ANY documentation for Yasnac Ether_DNC?
7. Does anyone have a list of error status descriptions for the J300 LANMON monitor?
8. Has anyone replaced a JIF03 Ethernet card, or JCP02 card on a J300 control before?

We did NOT change any settings on the control before the Ethernet failed entirely. It WAS working, just not very reliably. A Yasnac service tech suggested the CAt5 to 15pin dsub Tranceivers fail much more often than the Ethernet hardware on the J300. We replaced the Tranceiver with a brand new one, same brand/model (Centrecom M20MX)

Any experience with low level ethernet is appreciated. We have both TCPView and Cports diagnostic tools.

The control displays a "Socket Error" when we attempt to get a connection on the directory page. However, the LanMon page shows a connection status of "2", with valid packet transfers, and no errors.


Feb 27, 2003
austin tx
I came across this while researching yasnac i80 but for future folks I though I'd add
a few comments.

Those ethernet tranceivers are ancient! I do remember some brands were problematic and would lockup
until powered down by disconnecting from the 15pin connector. Also be sure the remote system can negotiate
the low speed of the old transceiver.


Feb 18, 2022
Not familiar with the yasnac but an issue I’ve run into setting up ftp servers on windows server 2016 for fanuc is the controllers don’t seem to get along with other connections to the same ftp site. I haven’t investigated this thoroughly but a simple situation has been to just make a dedicated site for each machine. As mentioned in the other post, it could be a speed negotiation issue. Try setting your switch to lock at 10mb speed on that port instead of letting it negotiate. It sounds like you are confident in the connection so checking cables and physical connection integrity at all the points along to the road might be a waste of time but I’ve seen that cause intermittent issues plenty of times. It could turn out to be the problem since it went from kinda working to not working without changing anything.