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Dec 15, 2000
Like Sean did on the Deckel forum, it would be nice to have a permanent list here of your lathes. Please post make, model, aprox year, notable acessories and photo if possible.

If you want to make changes later, weeks later after self editing is impossible, such as add a photo or whatever, please copy and paste the pertinant wording from your old listing and use that to create a new listing with your changes or additions. Go ahead and post the new creation and then contact me and I'll delete the original.

IMPORTANT- Please do not make followup "comments" about a listing in this registry. We need to keep it "lean and mean" such that it is nothing but a registry of members machines.


Cast Iron
May 4, 2005
Wiltshire : England
Make: Schaublin
Model: TR-102N (F38)
Year: 1982
Turret Carriage
Screw & Lever Cut-off Slide
Starwheel Drilling Tailstock
Standard Imperial Compound Slide
Full sets of F27 & F38 Collets


Michael Moore

Jun 4, 2004
San Francisco, CA
Make: Mori Seiki
Model: MS850G (for Gap)
S/N: 10152
Year: Unknown, but I suspect 1970s (and I'd be interested to learn an exact date if anyone has the information to date it). MS850 #14373, allegedly sold new in 1989, has the later style of badge (more of a decal instead of the cool metalflake plastic badge)
Swing over bed: 17.125"
Swing over cross slide: 9.75"
Swing over gap: 25.562"
Distance between centers: 33.375"
Width across ways (total): 14"
A1-6 spindle with MT4 adapter
Tailstock: MT4
40 feeds (both cross and longitudinal)
RPM: 32-1800
Threads: 80-4TPI, .5-7mm, 112-8 DP, .5-3.5 module
Cross slide travel: 9.625"
Compound travel: 5.875"
5hp 240/3 phase motor
Net weight: 4079 pounds

I bought it equipped with:
Steady rest
Follow rest
Standard 4 position indexible tool post
JFK 5c lever-type collet closer
12" standard 4 jaw chuck (no brand name)
10" Yuasa "set true" 3 jaw
15.75" face plate
Carriage micrometer stop
Trip block for longitudinal feed

Added since purchase:
8" Bison 4 jaw chuck (purchased new)
8" Bison "set true" 3 jaw chuck (purchased new)
Multifix "B" tool post
Assorted live centers (standard and bull nose)

Here's a photo of the lathe when it was delivered. Not all the accessories are shown with it, and the red lifting hooks and wheels belong to the rigger.



Jim Moser

Hot Rolled
Sep 5, 2004
Santa Cruz Ca.
Make Graziano sag12
Weight- 2200lbs
swing over bed- 12 inch
swing over permanant gap- 17 5/16 inch
swing over carriage- 6.5 inch
distance between centers- 32 inch
spindle bore-1 5/16 #5 morse D1-4 camlock
speeds with dual speed motor- 75 to 2,000 and 38 to 1,000 RPM ( slow speed not working yet)
Threads-6 t0 46 TPI or 1/2 that by changing one drive gear and .75 to 5.75 metric plus some modular pitches?
Lead screw- 4 TPI
cross slide-17 inches long ,5 7/8 wide 6 5/16 inch travel
Compound 4 5/16 inch travel
Tailstock travel-5 11/16 #3 morse taper
Motor- 6 HP two speed although 3 HP single speed was standard I think.
Gearbox-Speeds are changed at the carriage by switching different gears by electric clutch giving you speed changes on the fly and instant stop or reverse while the motor is running.(very cool)
Bed-This seems different to me as it is removable from the main casting and also adjustable to centerline of spindle.
Details- This is the lathe I bent the spindle in but replaced it and it runs perfect now
Aloris BXA toolpost came with it and seems to be a good fit, it came with a jumbo feed dial but replaced it with standard size because the big one interferes with the compound and I put a single axis microsyn Newall DRI for the cross and Travadial for the long axis.


Hot Rolled
Oct 5, 2004
Make: Weiler
Model: LZ 280
Serialnr.: 5491
Swing over bed: 280 mm (11")
Swing over crosslide: 140 mm
Between centers: 800 mm
Tailstock: mt2
Year: unknown
Power: 1.5 hp
Speed: 48 - 1650 rpm variospeed
More information can be found here
levertype colletcloser + full colletset
steady rest / moving rest / hand rest
full set off changewheels for gearcutting
3 jaw chuck
4jaw chuck/faceplate
lathe dogs
multifix A toolpost
Mitutoyo 2 axis DRO
coolant pump


Dec 13, 2002
Benicia California USA
Make: Dong Yang (Korean liscence Okuma)
Model: LS
Year: aprox 1985 Purchased new from close out of dealer in LA.
Swing over bed: 540 mm (21"+)
Swing over cross slide: 14"
Distance between centers: 1500mm (59")
Width across ways(total)15.5"
D1-6 spindle nose with #6 Morse internal taper
Tailstock: 2 speed with rapid move lever, #5 Morse taper, roller bearing lift and slide to move.
Feed Ranges: 64
RPM: 35-1800
Threads: inch 4-56 Metric .5-7mm Module .25-3.5 Dimetral pitch 8-112.
Cross slide tavel: 10.6"
Compound travel: 5.5"
Main Motor: 10 hp. 220/208 3P.
Net weight: 5510#

Came with steady rest, and faceplate.
Tooled up to have: Aloris CXA tool block and assorted tool holders 20+
Heavy duty "tri bearing" Royal #5 morse center. #5 morse Royal CNC style center (extended point)
Jackobs "Ball bearing" drill chuck #16 1/8"-5/8"
Chucks include: Buck 10" 3-jaw. Pratt-Burnerd 10" 6jaw adjust true. 8" Cushman 4-jaw. 12" Willis 4jaw. Jackobs RubberFlex collet setup. Lexair 5-c collet nose closer.

Unusual features: Hydraulic spindle brake. Uses automotive style disc brake on the motor output shaft. Pressure switch drops main contactor when the foot pedal is pushed and the brake is applied. Has very rapid breaking of spindle.

Has unique index system to cut multi lead threads. There are reference marks on the spindle nose and a zero mark on the headstock casting. To cut a multi lead thread you cut the first lead normally. Then rotate the spindle to the zero reference mark, disengage the lead screw using the gearbox levers, rotate the chuck to the mark on the spindle for the number ot leads you are going to cut and re-engage the gearbox lever. Repeat for each lead.

Has very nice tailstock with two methods of moving the quill. Has a handwheel like a normal tailstock. (angled to ease use) Also has a quick acting lever that works like a drill press handle. Can back a drill out of a hole quickly and return and never loose the depth on the handwheel micrometer...very slick.
Tailstock has rollers to ease moving holds tailstock up when not clamped. When clamped rollers are compresed and the base of the tailstock rests fully on the bed.

Has bed mounted trip stops for stopping the power long feed. Mounted to a rail on top of the base, with micrometer adjustment, and quick in /out sliding dogs. (casting)

Has distance collars on the long feed handwheel. Keeps track of number of turns and distance moved (compound collars 2 moving at different rates)

Has compound cross feed micrometer collars that keep track of turns and thousants on diameter..(2 as with the long feed).

Headstock shifts to neutral with lever at top of headstock for ease of dialing up a part...
Cross slide is machined for "T" slots to mount a back tool block or fixturing. Cross slide is fitted with a 3 position turret stop and slide.
Cross feed screw enclosed in oil bath with sight glass.

Fit and finish very good! Not a cheap copy but a nice industrial machine.


Cheers Ross


Mar 2, 2005
Weiler Primus

- Multifix tool post
- Rohm three jaw
- Collecting some collets but very hard to find
- Newel DRO
- ISCAR tooling
Great little lathe. The only thing I could wish for is a spindle brake and perhaps a threading dial. But without the spindle brake I can't thread very easily anyway.
Needs new paint and a little Deckel to keep it company!


Dave A

Jan 4, 2005
Roseville, CA
Make is: Takisawa - Importer was Webb, one of many who imported this model.
Model is: TSL 800 D
Mfg in 1983
Twelve speeds with a two speed motor. I am running it with a VFD to convert to three phase power. Speed range nominally is 55 to 1800 RPM's
Designated as a 14x30, there is no extra capacity on either axis.
A1-5 spindle nose and MT3 tailstock.
Weight is 2,400 lbs

I purchased the lathe from an Ebay seller in So. Calif and transported it myself on a trailer. Unloading was a solo effort and a learning experience.

It came with a Royal collet closer and a 12" face plate. I have added a 10" Yuasa four jaw chuck and a Bison adjust-tru 8" three jaw chuck.



Aug 20, 2006
New Zealand

Viceroy TDS 1/1 GB L made by Denford UK.
website at http://www.denford.ltd.uk/

A high quality lathe made to traditional English standards.

Swing 10"
Between Centres 24"
Spindel bearings Timken taper adjustable
Speeds 60 to 1300 rpm
Gross Weight 900 lbs
Screwcutting range 4 to 224 TPI
Cross feed and carriage feed
Spindle /Tailstock 3MT
Bed cast iron, hard chromed, double Vee
Motor 1ph 3/4hp

This lathe was purchased by the first owner in about 1979 and imported to New Zealand. That was at a time when obtaining foreign currency required a special import license. Those were the days when you could buy a new Porsche in New Zealand, and sell it 2 years later for more than new price. Import licenses were very difficult to obtain. For that reason, there may only be a very few of these lathes in NZ. The first owner was able to justify the purchase because of his company and occupation.

The lathe was purchased by a fitter&turner who owned/maintained a bottling company in New Plymouth. He only used it for Model Engineering. When he passed away, a friend, a fitter&turner and fellow model engineer then purchased the lathe from the estate.

From there, it was sold to a "dealer" who was also a model engineer. He only kept it for a short time until on-selling it for a significant profit. About 4 years ago, it was sold to a production engineer in Warkworth. He used it for rebuilding racing kart engines.

I purchased the lathe mid 2006 ago. I live in Wellington, NZ so I had to drive 1480km to collect the lathe and bring it home.

On the whole, this lathe has seen light service despite its age. It hasn't been thrashed in the educational system like many similar lathes of this size. There is no chuck rash on the cross slide. It's in generally good condition and includes:

a quick-change 4 way plus 2-way tool posts.
an old modular quick change tool post system (not a Denford item)
Denford taper turning attachment,
live centre (but no dead center)
3 and 4 jaw chucks
face plate
driving plate (but no dogs)
2 drill chucks
boring table (made by the second owner)

It needs some overdue maintenance so I have begun to strip it down for a clean. Anyway, my intention is to strip down the lathe, clean, relube and reassemble so it will last another 27 years.

At the time of writing, I have completed the saddle, apron and tailstock. I am currently in the process of trying to remove the spindle to clean out old grease.

The only significant problem I have found is bruising on the bed where something has been clamped on. The image below was the as-delivered condition before I did anything to it.


Oct 25, 2006
san diego
DryCreek's Takisawa TSL 800 by Webb appears to be
a direct clone of my;

It now sports a 8" 6Jaw Buck Chuck(made in USA) and
adapted to the A-5 spindle via Kalamazoo Chuck
Mfg's AS-307 mounting plate. Half the price of a
Sino-made BuckChuck plate! Buy Kalamazoo!


Mar 18, 2007
Hello everyone I'm brand new here. Moriseiki MS-1050 .... No.1970 10" 3J, 12" 4J, 5c closer. I bought this machine from BP Chemicals (Hitco) Advanced Composites Division in Gardena, Ca. for $100.00


Jan 14, 2008
Martin DS80

Make: Martin
Model: DS80
S/N: 15633
Year: 1964
Swing over bed: 32"
Swing over cross slide:+20"
Swing over gap: Not measured
Distance between centers: 80"
Headstock Hole 3 9/16"
RPM: 9-1400
Feeds (Threads):320 (1-140 in inches, .2-224mm)

27hp (20kw) 208/3 phase motor (100A input)
Net weight: 14000 pounds

Tolling it came with:
20" 3 Jaw Chuck with reversable Jaws (with Key)
26" 4 jaw chuck (with Key)
Live Center

Missing (need)
Standard 4 position indexible tool post

Craigs List Special: Needs some (ok LOTS) of TLC. But I think it


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Oct 27, 2007
On Tour...
Hi All,
Make: Schaublin
Model: TR-102 (W20)
Year: 1966 (1 Year older than me, and I think it's in better condition........)

Sat on a Boxford Cabinet stand (with coolant in the base)
Turret Carriage with turning/boring holders and chucks
Screw & Lever Cut-off Slide (front and back tool station)
Tailstock (Imperial)
Standard (Metric) Compound Slide with dickson quick change toolpost and rotary muti stop
Full set of W20 Collets
Face plate
3 and 4 jaw chucks

the brutus

Aug 16, 2007
the stable

Hi Fellows, new to this, but here goes.

Centre lathe, Schaublin 135
Year: not sure, early 80's?
Reishauer chuck, quick change tool posts, steadys and all the usual stuff


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Mar 19, 2008
Takoma Park, MD, USA
Takisawa TSL 800

Just purchased:

1969 Takisawa TSL 800 (not the D model)
Equipped with: 10" 4-jaw, 7" 3-jaw, steady rest, follow rest, Albrecht 1/32-1/2 drill chuck, live center, KDK toolpost with holders, complete set of metric change gears (95T needs replacement). Was supposed to include a micrometer carriage stop-working on seller to provide part/cash back.


Mar 19, 2008
Takoma Park, MD, USA
Adding information: please delete my last post (I can't figure out how to edit it)

Just purchased:

1969 Takisawa TSL 800 (not the D model) Manufactured in Japan (moved to Taiwan in 1971)

Equipped with: 10" 4-jaw Union Mfg Co, 7" 3-jaw Kitagawa, steady rest, follow rest, Albrecht 1/32-1/2 drill chuck, live center, KDK toolpost with holders, complete set of metric change gears (95T was in machine: worn out original was in box of gears), extra set of jaws for 3-jaw, 5HP motor.

Flying Chips

May 24, 2008
Loveland, CO
My New Lathe

Type: Shoun-Cazeneuve
Model: HB 500/575
Year: Cannot tell but motor says made in 1963
Swing over bed: 18.25" approx.
Cross slide travel: 9.625"
Distance to centers: 35.875" approx.
Width across ways: 16"
Chuck: Cazeneuve type with 3 set screws
Tailstock: MT5
Feeds: .0005-.2667 124 feeds
RPM: 40-3200
Threading: Standard and Metric
Motor: 12 HP 3 Phase

The lathe came with:
Standard quick-change tool post with 12 tool holders and 2 boring bar holders
3 carriage stop brackets
1 Trava-dial set-up and two extra brackets
Foot brake
Tracing attachment and hydraulic pump
Way too many soft jaws (pallets)
10" 3 jaw chuck (unknown manufacturer)
8" 3 jaw chuck (unknown manufacturer)
Hardinge 5C chuck with adapter plate
16" flat plate
3 sided steady rest
2 sided steady rest
coolant pump and large collection pan

It also includes several levers that I have NO idea what they do. I hope to find out in time here. I also cleaned off all of the grease and put a coat of paint on it. It looks a little better now.


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