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Mark A

Jun 3, 2008
Milwaukee, WI
My Lathe info

Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum and I thought I would start here to learn more about the lathe I bought and hopefully find a manual for it. Also thank you Dave A for calling this morning in regards to my first try at becoming a member (gto4ever) and having my info deleted due to a spam alert.

Type: Takisawa - imported by WEBB
Model: TSL 1000 D
Year: 1979
Swing over bed: 7" I believe it to be a 14 x 40 lathe
Distance to centers: 40"
Chuck: 3 jaw, new 4 jaw and a large face plate
Tailstock: MT3
RPM: Don't know as I do not understand how the levers work on the head stock for the gear changes nor what to do with the pile of extra gears that came with the lathe.
Motor: 5 Hp, 3 phase, two speed motor
Converter: 10 Hp Rotary Phase converter

The lathe has a quick change tool post with 5 holders and 1 boring bar
1 Trava-dial indicator

I bought the lathe from my old boss who owns a machine shop, it was in his home shop and I paid $2500.00 plus $300 to get it delivered and set in my shop. Like Dave A said above, moving a 2500+ pound piece of equipment is not an easy task. My Birmingham mill was a lot easier to move and set up.


Sep 23, 2008

hey people, nice lathes, specialy the Weiler LZ 280
i am a metal turner from macedonia, i hope i can learn much things from you guys
i have two Prvomajska Lathes (Yugoslavian manufacturer)
one christen (DAN)
one schaublin 102


Sep 1, 2004
S. Michigan
What a Graziano!

Wow Charles, your SAG 14 looks exactly like mine except yours is 100 times purrrddee-er.

Wouldn't it be great if we could trade? LOL...

I love my Graziano, it's a solid, precision machine.



May 16, 2009
Italy Rome
My lathe info

knuth Turnado 230/ 1000 purchased new two years ago

center widht 1010mm
12 spindle speed 25/2000 x min.
spindle bore 58mm
camlock spindle mount d1-6
swing over bed 460mm
swing over carriage 224mm
swing over gap 690mm
threading metric 41 (0,1-14mm)
threading whitworth 60 (2-112tpi)
threading module 34 (0,1-07mm)
threading diametric 50 (4-112dp)
feed x axis 0,014-0,784mm
feed z axis 0,031-1,7mm
cooling system
motor 5,5 kw
weight 1720kg

the lathe came with standard toolpost, 250mm three jaw chuck, 300mm 4 jaw chuck, 350mm faceplate, steady and follow rest, foot brake pedal, halogen light, thread gauge, operating tools and a very poor operating manual


Apr 11, 2009
Adelaide, Australia
I've finally managed to get my lathe turning under power today and although I'm only half way through sorting out the issues with it, I thought I'd post a picture in honour of this day.
It's a 1957 CVA toolroom lathe with taper turning attachment, purchased from Kirt Ray on the PM 'for sale' board. 12 1/2" diameter swing, 30" between centres. Speed range is from 29rpm up to 2220 rpm in 12 steps. Spindle bore is around 35mm and it takes D1-3 chucks.


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Dec 15, 2010
Canada, Alberta
Smart & Brown 1024 - S/N S7071

Make: Smart & Brown
Model: 1024 “Round Head”
Year: 1963
Serial Number: S7071
Swing over bed: 11”
Cross slide travel: 4½”
Distance to centers: 24" approx.
Bed size: 11½” wide x 7” deep
Spindle Mount: D1-4
Spindle bore: Bored for C5 collets
Tailstock: MT2
RPM: 30-2500 (12 speeds)
Threading: Standard (requires change gears for metric etc).
Motor: 2½ HP - 240V, 3Ø

The lathe came with:
Bison 3 jaw, Burnerd direct mount 4 jaw, micrometer carriage stop, face plate, fixed & travelling steadies, collet drawbar, Rapid Original Type A tool post (no holders), fitted for coolant – but no pump. Also, Brooks magnetic break on the motor.

Issues: damaged cross feed, worn cross feed screw, very dirty, missing the wipers on the saddle, missing the back cover over the motor/gear box. Paint job is a bit rough (though not the worst you'll see).


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Cast Iron
Sep 2, 2007
Cazeneuve HBX360 lathe
TOS FA-2V mill
MAho700c/Philips 6600 controls
AI-Hembrug U1 toolgrinder + load of accoires
AI-Hembrug U2 toolgrinder
WMW drill
Remor sawing machine
Remak CO2 welding machine
Hornung Acetylene torchset
AGM large hydraulic press
belt grinders
degrease cabinet
2 compressors
and lots of small stuff



Cast Iron
Apr 1, 2010
Surrey, England
Holbrook C13

1955 (or so) Holbrook Model C No.13 "High Speed Precision Lathe", currently undergoing a bit of refurbishment and conversion of switchgear to control VFD (no 415v 3-phase in the Shed of Danger)...

Pic is as collected, it's starting to look a lot tidier with a clean, paint and some TLC :)

History - was originally sold to the ARDE (Armament Research and Development Establishment) at Fort Halstead, Kent, England, where the UK's "Nuclear Deterrents" were built in the 1950's - most Holbrooks went into R&D and toolrooms

13.75" swing, 28" b/c, only 1.25" through spindle though
Plain-bearing spindle, 5-belt drive to "floating" pulley in roller bearings
22 - 1500 RPM (3-speed 3HP motor, 2-speed clutch and brake 'box, 8:1 backgear)
metric and inch threading (swap a change-gear between shafts, flip a lever)
power feeds with micrometer stops
double cross-slide (T-slotted) with quick-withdraw for screwcutting (allows use of cross-slide dial for infeed when taper turning, too), 10.5" cross-travel
taper adaptor (needs a "shoe" made)
Pratt 10" 4-jaw, 8" 3-jaw, 1/16 - 3/4" collet set and drawbar (Holbrook-specific collets, unfortunately!)
Dickson QCTP and holders, 5.25" topslide travel

Footprint approx 7'4" by 3'6", weight a little under 2 tons (4400 pounds)


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Cast Iron
Mar 5, 2011
Trenton, On
Clover 14/20

Clover 14/20
Made by an Italian company Merli-Voghera
16" swing, approx 40" between centers
Taper Attachment
Hardened Ways
L0 spindle
3 & 4 Jaw chucks
8 speeds
4 HP 3 phase
Year 1970s???
Forward / Brake / Reverse spindle clutch lever on apron and headstock
Needs cleaning a some nice grey paint!


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Mar 21, 2011
Hello everybody !

My lathe is a CNC automat, Schäublin 180 CCN, but it deserves mentioning because it is a prototype or the first sold. Boss wouldn’t know. Most of the time I spend colouring it green inside by working bronze alloys.

Being Swiss I want to offer my german and french language knowledge to everyone if there are questions regarding Schäublin, Aciera, Micron, Dixi, Fehlmann, Reiden, Basilisk or other makes.


Jun 20, 2011
Dublin Ireland

My first lathe is a Schaublin SV65 model lathe bed. No way to know exactly how old as no individual identification is visible.Looks to be the same as the 1930's one on the Lathes.Co.UK site. God bless Tony.

11Kg, 500mm from on end to the other, takes all the gizmos a SV70 takes. 120 euro. Ebay.fr is a cool place for Schaublin hunters. So far I have three compatible headstocks. The ultra splindly but beautiful 1920's one. The correct 1930s one as pictured by Tony. God bless Tony. A SV70 F16 headstock with 16 clear mm thru' the spindle and a 35mm by 1.5mm nose.

Sadly Schaublin don't sell new screws for the old style toolmakers cross slides and while I was thinking about this I needed to make a aluminium bush to fix my Ford's front oil pump cover.

One lathe would be lonely if it was on it's own. So I found a Pultra Model P on Ebay.Uk. Perfect WW type lathe with its "War Finish" and bronze Pultra badge missing and painted by a comedian but functionally perfect. 40tpi screws marked off in .0005inch . A few tickles and it has three thou of backlash on each screw and with clean and adjusted ballrace thrust bearings it is just a pleasure to use. Brand new backplate on the way a full 70 years after it was made.

Used it to bush my oil pump cover. Instantly paid for itself.

take care



Jan 31, 2004
cherry grove, alberta, canada

My lathe is an Ikegai-A-20
-built 1967
-three jaws,8",12"
-four jaw-14"
-swiss 40 pos, tool post
-6c collet chuck
-steady rest
-taper attchment
-all tooled up

This lathe was an E-bay purchase from northern New York state. Originally sold to a Maryland firm. I like to think it was used to make parts for nuclear subs.
I purchased this one as I had just missed out on a similar model that was sold at the air base in Cold Lake, Alberta.
purchase price-2,000.00 usd
shipping price-$3500.00cdn


Apr 10, 2010
My new/very old lathe

Make : Kaerger Germany
Model : DL3 /1000
Year : Probably 1938-43 (Kaerger became WMW after the war and the last official shareholder meeting was in -43)
Swing over bed : 205 mm
Head and tailstock: MT4
Weight : 1920 Kg
RPM : 12 speeds 24-1068
Longitudinal feeds :0,04 - 6 mm
Cross feeds : 0,025 - 3,75 mm
Motor : 4,5 kW/1400 rpm

The lathe came with:
Lots of rust and grime plus a smirk from the truckdriver.
I was able to find a package of old Kaerger literature from a seller in Germany.
When it arrived it turned out to be a complete owners handbook for the DL 1,2 and 3 plus a rather extensive Kareger catalogue from 1936 listing a wide range of machines and tooling. Pluss some blueprints of the electric diagrams.
If anyone out there owns a Kaerger let me know.
I need all the help I can get restoring the beast, and i have all the literature scanned and ready for dispatch...

[email protected]

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Cast Iron
Mar 23, 2003
Neenah Wisconsin USA
Make: Okuma LK
Serial No. :4709-1868
Year: Late 60's I believe
Swing & Center Distance: 350x800 ( 14" x 31.5" )

Accessories : Carriage stop, 8" 3 jaw chuck, Jacobs Rubber Flex Collet Chuck & Collets, taper attachment, built in coolant pump, original rocker tool post, Phase II quick change tool post

Mount is A1-6
Spindle speeds: 12 steps 50 - 2000rpm
Hole through the spindle 1 9/16"
Taper of hole through the spindle No. 5
Taper of center / tailstock No. 3
Number of power feeds 32 steps
Range of power longitudinal feeds .002 - .028 per rev
Range of power cross feeds .001 - .014 per rev
Range of threads : Inch Threads 56 - 4 tpi
Metric threads .5 - 7 mm pitch
Lead screw 1- 7/64" dia. 4 tpi
Travel of the cross slide 8"
Travel of the compound 4"

Drive motor AC 5 hp 3 phase running on a rotary phase converter
Machine weight ( approx. ) per the manual 2700#

Would love to find an original steady rest.

Bought the lathe damaged, someone had run the compound into the spinning chuck bending the compound feed screw and destroying the sacrificial feed gear. I was able to purchase new replacement parts from Okuma.


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May 26, 2012
Windsor CA
My new lathe:

> Mori Seiki MS 850

> Yuasa 3-jaw

> Lever 5C closer

> Cool metal-flake plastic badge

> S/N 8010

> Indexable quick-change (to be changed to Aloris)

> Photo available once I paint it (may not be official Mori grey).

My best,



Oct 19, 2010
Sacramento, Ca.
My home shop lathe:
Make: Graziano
Model: SAG 14
Swing Over Bed: 14"
Swing Over Natural Gap: 19.9"
Distance Between Centers: 40"
Spindle: D1-5
Spindle Speeds: 12 40-1500 RPM
Motor: 5.5 HP
Tail Stock Taper: MT4
Feeds & Threading:
80 Longitudinal Feeds
80 Cross Feeds
40 Whitworth Threads
40 Metric Threads
40 Pitch Threads
40 Modular Threads
Weight: 2755 lbs
Accessories: 10" 3-Jaw Chuck, 12" 4-Jaw Chuck, Collett Closer, 15" Faceplate, 8" Drive Plate, Coolant System, Travadial
DSCN0811 (2560x1920).jpg

Long Tom

Aug 21, 2011
Fiddlefart, Oregon
Hi folks. I see a couple other Webb's here, so I'll register mine.

This is a Wacheon build, South Korea, early 80's, Mori Seiki clone. It is a 17x40G. It is also calked a WL-435. I bought it with a 10" 3 jaw Bison Set-Tru, a 10" 6-jaw Buck Adjust-Tru, and a 12" 4-jaw. The Buck needs a backplate and I haven't used it yet. Also came with the steady and follow rests, and a nicely done oversize steady that was built for the lathe. It has an Aloris QCTP and I got about 10 holders. Has the micrometer carriage stop and an automatic carriage stop too that disengages the power feed on Z. Also came with the chip guard you see there, which I thought was ugly at first but I sure like it now!

A1-6 spindle nose. MT4 in the one-speed tailstock. I've seen varying weights for these but 4500 lbs is ballpark. I had to sort out some weird "fixes" in the compound and crosslide, but in general the machine is in great shape. I think that the large, hardened ways and the extra-wide bearing surface of the carriage help with that.

She'll do 1800 on the top end and if memory serves, around 30 RPM on the low end.

She was repainted at some point. A chuck crashed into the compound at some point too. Nice battle scar there.

I've had it making parts since I got it and it's quite the machine.


This is the custom oversize steady:



Long Tom

Aug 21, 2011
Fiddlefart, Oregon
Here's one that belongs to my stepdad that you don't see every day! It's a LARGE Dutch Hembrug A1 (they usually made much smaller toolroom lathes); I'd say around 18x60" and 6000 lbs, but I didn't measure it.

The bed and headstock are all one casting on these beasts. I didn't get a lot of time with it but next time I'm in town I'm going to fire it up. This lathe may be mine someday. I'm thinking I could find room for it in my shop!

Sorry for the bad pics. The light was poor and I just had my cell phone.