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Excel Kiwa 510 Colt with 4,180 hours, FANUC OM control, worth buying or white elephant?


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May 13, 2007
No. Nevada
Not seeing a sub-forum for these.
Been looking for a Fadal 15 to get back to owning a CNC Mill in hope of producing some niche products.
I liked my old fadal and the control was easy to use.
Have to find a small unit as I only have 1ph. power here, not enough for a larger and easier to find machine.
Found an Excel Kiwa 510 Colt at what seems a good price. It has 4,180 hours on it and Fanuc OM control.
10,000 RPM spindle and only one owner, with all manuals.
Scraping up transport cost will be a challenge, so need some confidence that the machine is worth the total cost.
Of course no tooling is included either.
I seem to recall Fanuc controls being more challenging than Fadal.
I also recall that Fanuc will $upport any of their controls if you have enough $$$ but that support may be excessively expensive.
So how reliable is an OM control?
Thoughts on the iron?
I have an OM-D on my Sharp sv2412. Machine is 20 years old and still making parts.
Just backup the parameters and change battery's and start making parts.
0m can be fine. plentiful amount of parts on ebay for them. Okay basic control. Can only be expanded to 128kb of program memory, and likely only has about 1/2 or 1/4 that amount unless someone already upgraded it or it came with more. This is assuming 0mc or later. Not sure what 0mb max memory is, nor 0ma.

What year is the machine?

Just want to mention, the hours meter on them can be zeroed or changed. While that might be accurate, it also might not be.
4180 hours is still a virgin. 104180 spindle on hours is something.

Should be a fine machine if it's in decent shape. I wouldn't pay $10k for it, but maybe $5k all in if I knew it would work for me.

I have a couple 0MC and 0TC controls from the early 90's still running fine. One has a Memex upgrade and holds a good amount of code just fine.
Just want to mention, the hours meter on them can be zeroed or changed. While that might be accurate, it also might not be.
Wanted to double down on what dandrummer said. 4180 hrs seems low-ish. I have an OMC, and maybe three or four times over the 15 years or more I've owned it, I've accidentally reset the clock. I still don't even know how I did it. Pisses me off, as I did a total ground up on it and wanted to keep track. Just some fat fingered set of keystrokes. So yes it can be changed. Nefariously... or not.

And personally, I would never shy away from a Fanuc. Good controls. Reliable as all get-out.
Wow, I knew inflation was bad but an over $8K quote to move a machine under six hundred miles still surprised me.
Continuing the search for a mover.
Kiwa Excel is still around and the Fanuc 0 is dead reliable and easy to find parts for.
There are memory upgrades for it, and @memoryman here can tell you about them.
A buddy still has one, early 90s vintage and still making good parts.
The 0M is at least 3 hardware generations newer than a 3000C. It will be a faster running and easier to operate control.
Sorry I didn't get my point across properly. I wasn't comparing it to the other controls, I just meant in general the control will be slow machining. Especially if 3d contouring is what its being used for.
There is a staggering amount of machined parts that are created without 3D contouring or even 3 axis simultaneous. The OP's reminiscing over an old Fadal pretty much suggests that 3D contouring is not at the front of his catalog. Meaning the oft belittled OM will likely do just fine for him.

Oddly enough, just a couple days ago as I was in the bathroo... er... library, thumbing thru the hard to live without out OM Maintenance Handbook, I noticed that G8 Look Ahead and G5.1 (Fancy Look Ahead?) were both listed as viable G codes. Whether anyone has paid Fanuc to activate those functions is doubtful, especially on OM machines which were likely built as low cost leaders. Still, I just reminded myself to look into it. G8 would do wonders for the OM, even if it was simple HSM 2D tool paths. I guess the next step would be to fish thru the Parameters and look for Settings relating to G8 operational tuning. But who knows... maybe they were typos, or overlooked wishful thinking.
Those options are on a C or D model. I’ve looked into them for my B model and nothing listed.

I recently cut a plug to mold carbon fiber parts on my Makino with a 0MB A 16” long tapered oval to round ruled surface in UHMW. Feed was 60IPM and surface finish was quite good.
Looking to do mostly niche aluminum parts.
Not expecting big quantities so no need for a machine so fast it makes me flinch at each tool change and rapid.
That actually happened when the shop I bought my old Fadal from demoed its replacement!

Officially I am "Retired", but unofficially I need to supplement my income despite a genuinely bad back.
I recently tried to get some custom roller rockers quoted for an outdated, somewhat obscure engine.
Quotes were so sky-high my first reaction was that I could buy another older VMC and tool up for less.
Gave that some actual thought, and here we are. :)
I do realize it will take me another year to tool up and make the first parts.
Then I will need the cost of raw material to come down so that I can sell at reasonable prices and still make a nickel.
Confirmed the control is O-M/C.
Still trying to rustle up funding, did finally get a reasonable quote on moving it.
Original owner so still has the shipping brackets and all manuals.
Well, I scraped up up the funds to buy 'My little pony', the Colt 510.
The more I look at the pics the more I wonder which is the copy, Kiwa Colt or Fadal?
As soon as the checks clear I will be taking a drive to put my eyeballs on it, see/hear it run, and probably pay for it.
Then the challenge becomes getting payment together for the move, at 2X purchase price.
I may be fortunate that the seller does not seem to be in a rush to get it out of his shop.
Then I get to look for a used digital phase converter.
Finally have all the ducks lined up, barring a last minute snafu.
Probably "Over-paying" at about $6K all in, but I really like the low hours and that I will be able to run it on my limited power.
Getting my CAD-CAM back up to speed, tooling, and finding worthwhile product to produce become the next issues.
Moving it is proving a bit difficult and would be much simpler if I may Sling it instead of lifting.
A 24K pound truck mounted crane is readily available.
Guess I will be making a long drive to go over the manuals looking for sling points or threaded bosses.