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Excel Kiwa 510 Colt with 4,180 hours, FANUC OM control, worth buying or white elephant?

Had to give up on the Kiwa purchase.
Machine would have been great, but the rigging cost are just too far out of reach at nearly $5,000!
For a round trip of less than six hundred miles. :wall:
Seller is closing down his company and he has several more big name brand machines he will be disposing of too.
For some reason he wants to flee CA ASAP. :leaving:
In theory much of what I wanted the VMC for "Can" be done on my manual mill, slowly.
Guess I will get to try that out.
5K is expensive but a dedicated run is the most expensive option, not sure why you picked that. LTL would prob be 1/3 of that.
If you don't have any trucking connections try Uship. Or like was previously suggested a drop deck. Any towing company would quite that.
Colt purchase may be back on!
I've found some new funds and the seller has relented on forcing me to use a pro-rigger.
He has bought his own forklift for loading so I will only need a forklift at my end.
If I can figure out a way to sling it a buddy has a 24,000 Lb. boom truck and I should be able to rent some skates.
Not having to drag a large forklift up and back should lower cost too.
I will look into the suggested carriers.
10HP would be fine.
Have to save up some more pennies first.
I know of one in OR too but CA probably closer to me.

Good evening,

I just happen to come across a similar machine and was wondering how you came to that conclusion? I haven't seen the motor requirements or amp draw but I did just recently have to figure out how to get 3ph power in my garage for a Lagun mill. Through a bunch of phone calls and emails I ended up buying a 10HP American RPC. The motor itself on the Lagun FTV-2S is a 4hp. The amp rating said it was either 4.4/8.8 based on voltage.

Reason I'm saying all this is that I would assume I need to go through this whole process again to determine the power needs of this machine (Colt 510). If you or someone could help me out in determining if the 10HP RPC I purchased would be sufficient, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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