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F.E. Wells & Son Tool and Cutter Grinder - Set-up and Re-tooling for Hollow Grinding Blades

Made some more progress. The crack in the casting curved around back to the front so I don't see it continuing through the casting. I cleaned and brazed the area together using a piece of round bar to hold the shape and it fits very snug now. After painting I found one spot that it looks like the brazing didn't bond well, but I'm going to try it out before taking the torch to it again.
With the exception of replacing the table traversing pinion assembly, the rest of the table, saddle and knee are back together. Just needs a little touch up paint, but now I can start drawing up fixtures to make.
The electrical is all wired up. We had this old fused switchbox on the shelf that fit nicely under the tool tray. There was already a pair of screw holes there someone had added for a past switch too. I also want to add a work lamp that will wire into the machine too.
The motor is mounted on the old plate very nicely. It looks like whatever motor was mounted at the factory was made before the modern frame sizes, but a 56 frame motor fit like the casting was made for it and the pulleys should line up well. I'm waiting for a cogged V-belt to come in the mail, as it will bend around the smaller pullies easier with less tension and less slip. I'm thinking I'll make a sheet metal shroud to cover the V-belt and help keep dust out of the motor. I also have a small tin dust collector port that I'm going to make a bracket for to mount under the grinding wheel arbor to hopefully keep the abrasive dust off of the ways. Talking with one of our other guys, we're likely going to use a Kool-mist unit with the machine too so our dust collector will need to be able to deal with that. I might incorporate a small dust collector wired into the machine itself eventually, but for now will just plug a shop-vac into it.
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