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F/s #3 w&s ***SOLD***


Aug 27, 2002
Northwest Ohio
I just really need to quit storing this thing.
My chum bought it for a job, and he decided that it just wasn't the right machine for the job before ever taking it off the skid, so I bought it.

Neither of us have ever used it, but it appears to be in very good condition near as I can tell.
I just ran the turret through a few cycles and it seemed to work like new.

This is a newer one than I had years ago as this appears to have an A2 (A1?) spindle nose.

The flash may make it look a lot worse than it is.
(It seems that flashes makes grease look like rust?)
It is covered in grease and I expect the ways to clean up nicely.

$1000 tax, title, out the door...


Think Snow Eh!


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I hope it finds a good home, those are great machines. If I needed another I'd be on my way there right now. looks like it has a few spare parts??
I think that there is pcs of an old skewl bar feeder in the base, but not sure that many folks would have much use for that these days.

But they still make a nice 2nd opp machine for sure.


Think Snow Eh!
You think you know someone....really know someone, and then they come out with this.....:D
Well, I was werking down there today and I took the camera and a rag.
I wiped the way off with a dry and clean rag.
No WD40.
No Scotchbrite.

Looked fresh to me, but check with Doc to see for sure.

Now I need to go back with some LPS or whatnot....

Oilly / greasy surfaces collect a lot of dirt and dust.


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I'll gladly stand corrected. :D

But I've been meaning to ask: What is that motor mounted just to the left of the collet closer handle?

That looks like the same motor that was supposed to drive my power closer/feeder assembly, but on this one, it's not mounted in anything like the same position. It looks like it could be some sort of power add-on for the manual lever, but I'm not at all sure that's the case.

An external drive for the power carriage feed rod? Not sure why that'd be the case either...

The more I read about these things, the more I realize there's a ton of variants out there.

It has come elsewhere that these machines are not dual voltage as these post-war machines are 2speed motors, and they are what they are. Top speed is >1400 RPM.

This one appears to be 220V.

Per one of the Q's above, I still don't know what this extra motor is for, but here is some better pics of it.
If someone would chime in on what that is all about, it would be appreciated.

Also note - those barf eater tubes are painted orange.






Think Snow Eh!
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