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Fadal 4020 part out FS in Arlington WA

Element 74

Aug 25, 2022
Hey guys, I own a small fab shop up in the PNW that focuses on machining and welding. I have been making parts and bootstrapping for the last 20 years on the side and finally took the plunge at the beginning of 2021 and decided to setup an official business and do fab work full time. I picked up a 1997 4020 HT from a laser shop that was going out of business in an effort to save some money and get going without spending $150k on a new VMC. I tested everything under power before I had it moved and it all worked, even the factory pallet changer system was functional. After having it professionally moved I made the mistake of removing all the auxiliary systems before powering it up in the new shop. It had the hydro sweep, pallet changer, air oil spindle, tool setter, and programmable coolant from the factory. In the process of cleaning it up and pairing stuff down I did something to the control boards and the mill would not operate properly once powered up. It was missing all sorts of things it was looking for and it wasn’t happy. After trying to fix it myself I had a local Fadal expert come in and spend two days trying to figure it out. He got all the wiring fixed and the system hardware set up properly but we were never able to get the control functioning. He switched all the boards with known good ones he had and it never fully booted up and cycled through the screens. That was all last year and at this point I am done with it and am able to buy a new machine so I need the 4020 gone to make space for the new machine. It had the X axis motor and VFD replace only a few run hours before I bought it. Since it was a factory pallet changer machine it has the 28” Z column which is a big plus. Overall this machine is worth saving for someone who knows these machines and I am willing to work with someone to see it go to a good home. I have picture and will answer any questions I can.
some pics would probably go a long way i'd post it in the classifieds to get some more eyes going to be tough to justify transporting but might be able to find someone little more local. pics and asking price for starters i'm too far away and would just tear it down for parts sounds like a nice setup for the right guy.
I thought I had put it in the classifieds already, but I didn't. Thanks for the reminder. I did try and get pictures up but they are all too big to embed or add as attachments. I can send pictures to anyone interested.