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Fadal 4020 reviving rigid tapping capabilities but running into spindle overload.

Jeremy Sawatzky

Nov 16, 2021
I have a 1994 Fadal 4020HT with the 88HS control.

As far as I can tell this machine left the factory with rigid tapping installed or it was installed later. It has the right puzzle pieces, wiring is there, encoder is there, rigid tapping spindle drive. The only missing piece is that there was a 1010-1 card installed which doesn't support rigid tapping.

I purchased and installed a 1010-4 spindle control card with the rigid tapping e-proms installed, plugged in the encoder feedback cable but upon trying to start the spindle I get a error #10 spindle overload message. I have checked the jumpers are correct on the 1010-4 card and the red light is flashing when the machine is turned on.

Below are the images for what I see on the SETP pages. - the spindle options dont show anything for rigid tap although there are other settings that mention it. - Gain and Ramp.

I have a 1400-4 card that is compatible with my 1010-4 spindle control card as per fadals chart - https://www.fadalcnc.com/media/pdf/Axis_Control_Cards_Compatibility.pdf

The 1400-4 card has a V94.10-3 2494 chipset version on the 1610-1 memory card.

The 1010-4 card has V92.1X eeproms installed on it.

Spindle drive is a yaskawa cimr-f7u2011

Any ideas?



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Hot Rolled
Sep 15, 2010
Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Well, I have as yet to run the test to dial in my rigid tapping, but on mine, my gain is set to 57 and ramp is 100
Close, but not correct.
But, I am using T&C tapping holders, so I haven't got to the tune up, no issue.