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Fagor 8055 1182 / 1183 Error code after servo motor replacement


Sep 7, 2023

Our machine Acer with Fagor 8055i CNC

We were running an operation and X axis servo motor started to smoke, we got it pulled out, send it out to get rebuild, it was rebuild after few months, we put it back in, not stand throws 1182 error message, swapped X & Y axis, error follows to the opposite and sets 1183 error message. Definitely issue with the motor. Was able to find new motor with same part number, got it installed and same error message comes back. Can't find any help to see what needs to be done. Anyone went through this before?

Thank you!


Hot Rolled
Feb 16, 2007
Rhode Island, USA
AS you probably know, the error is a following error beyond what is in parameter P21 or P22 for the particular axis, which means the control did not see motion or the motion was less than what it expected,

I assume you verified that the axis can be moved by hand when power is off.

Based on your troubleshooting to date and whether or not you did the axis swap with the leads at the servo drive, I would say you probably have a bad power or encoder cable going to the motor.

If the motor does not move at all check the motor power cable connection by measuring the resistance, with power off, on the three legs of the motor, if it is AC measuring leg to leg or between the Motor + and Motor - if it is DC. You should get readings of very low resistance but most importantly they should be roughly the same leg to leg or motor to motor in the case of a DC setup.

If you find an open disassemble the connector at the end of the cable on the motor side and check to see if it is burned. If your motor smoked it could have damaged the connector as well.

If the motor commutates slightly before the error then there is a strong chance your encoder cable is bad, but still do the resistance checks mentioned.