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Fairer taxes, less stressed small businesses (and workers?)


Hot Rolled
May 13, 2020
There are millions of people in this country who live entirely on the compelled charity of US tax payers...every one of them can find a way to receive a tax return. How is this possible?

I would genuinely appreciate a valid explanation on this matter.

There is one group of individuals in the US that always receive the short end of the financial stick; the W9 employee. We get screwed in more ways than most people understand.

There is a game being played here. If you generate income, you're in it. There is no option to opt out. Either you learn to play the game (study finance) or lose by default.

Lets just say that some poor woman gets pregnant and finds out that her fetus has no arms or legs. But the right to life crowd has taken away her right to have an abortion. So the baby is born minus limbs and is expected to grow up to be a self sustaining member of society. How can someone without limbs pull themselves up by the boot straps?

Also see the mentally handicapped people. Will you hire them at a livable wage?

What I find really odd is how many people profess to be great christians but can't seem to find a bit of empathy for the less fortunate. Those people use the bible for what it can get them and have no idea what it is about.

Whew, this is gonna be a long one.

What I stated in that post was only intended for a discussion about taxes. I was asking; how can someone who does not generate taxable income receive a tax return?

From that, it sounds like you have assumed that I do not have compassion or empathy for those in less fortunate situations. You may have also assumed that I do not support charity for those who need assistance.
The scenario you chose as an example is one that no human could provide a righteous answer for.

If we cannot pinpoint a topic for discussion, it becomes difficult to hold a conversation.

You do make some good points and valid questions though so I would like to respond.

First, be very suspicious of anyone who proclaim themselves to be a "great" Christian. We are all sinners who fall short to the glory of God. We would all suffer eternal damnation if not for the mercy of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ spilled his blood for all of us; even the people we don't like. Those who believe in him should be refining themselves toward a likeness of him. A true believer will ride or die in the name of Christ because Jesus Christ is King.

If someone's life is characterized by lies, deceit, greed, envy or pride; they are not a Christian. That said, we must make damn sure we understand the definition of these words. Just because someone does not agree with your definition of charity does not make their life characterized by greed.

You asked about mentally handicap people earning a living wage... the situation is entirely dependant upon their abilities. If someone is TRULY unable to fully sustain themselves, they should receive disability funds to offset what they cannot do for themselves. Obviously no one should be left to die.

Here's the part most people do not consider... When you give someone money for nothing, you rob them of their self worth. Everyone needs some weight to carry in order to feel like their life has meaning.

As individuals we need to struggle a bit. We need challenges to overcome and something to earn. We need to face the consequences of our actions. This is how we learn and grow. If you are not forced to struggle for your own existence; then your existence is not yours to own.

When the government gives away welfare checks, food stamps and section 8 housing for nothing; they are committing a cruel injustice against those who need our help.

Allowing charity and retirement to be handled by the government was one of the dumbest mistakes our society has ever made.

When government controls charity through taxation, the people (as individuals) are stripped of the liberty to choose who receives their assistance and how it is given.

When we chose to help someone, we want to do it in a custom tailored way that adds the most benefit to everyone involved. When the gov does it, we no longer have to be engaged.

Those in need become "the lazy welfare people" through government intervention. Those who supply generosity become "the gobment".

I am not trying to solve world hunger here or provide a solution to every possible scenairo of a person in need. I do not have the answers. I'm just a guy fighting my way through life and learning as I go. ;)
Apr 14, 2018
Airstrip One, Oceania
Do you really think that having the same tax rate on billionaires and people scraping by on minimum wage is a good idea? I don't.
No, I don't. But I do think it is a better idea than what we have. As it is now billionaires are paying less than crippled people.

Doesn't have to be perfect to be better. And it would still be possible to declare a bottom limit. I would set it below the minimum wage level tho, for people who are truly poor. Minimum wage is still working and supposed to be designed to have a life, if not a comfortable one. Everyone who is not truly disabled could contribute, I don't have a problem with that.


Jul 2, 2019
The Tax Dept here have a pie chart showing that self employed and small business are 75% of tax evasion by $ value,and the billionaires are only 2% of tax evasion $ value..........which just goes to prove the billionaires have much better accountants and lawyers than the self employed.

Funny how numbers are used a lot. Go figure that right? Looks like just like here and probably in Europe they just are coming right out with their plan to soak the little people. They have been doing that all along. Best to fight those who have a hard time fighting back. Taxation without real representation is still a thing.

It can turn nasty especially when a revolution begins like ours did. Boston Tea party! I would cry if that happened with all that coffee sitting in ships right now.


Dec 30, 2008
How do you reckon the Boston Tea Party would have gone if the cops had street cameras,drones and were tapping everyones phones?

The perps dressed as "native Americans, so it would have all been squashed as "RACIST!"