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Fanuc 0i Mate-TC RS232 serial to WiFi controller retorfit


May 5, 2023
Hey guys we have a ET CNC 2060 lathe with older Fanuc 0i Mate-TC controller, we want to be able to copy our gcode that we make on a computer instead of manually programming it every time , the controller has RS232 port and I've purchased a HF2211 WiFi Serial Device Server and try to get it going. I am also using a null modem and found that I need to modify parameters 0020 , 101, 102 and 103 , however every time I try to change it it says "MDI write protect" , key is turned onto the green, I've restarted the lathe and also parameter 3202 is set right to 0. If I click Auto or Edit it says wrong mode and I can't seem to modify my RS232 settings. Please help



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