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Fanuc 0M feed speed stuck at 1260

Benedikt Paul

Feb 17, 2022
Hello fellow machinists,

I recently encountered a problem with the cnc mill I'm working on. It uses the Fanuc 0M controls and I usually runt it with a drip-feed.
The problem is that at some point last week the cutting feedrate (G01) got "stuck" at 1260mm/m, meaning whatever I set G01 F____ to it will always run it at 1260mm/m. I do not know where this came from, I was just repeating the same program I ran before without any changes. The rapid (G00) works just fine at 7500mm/m. There is a manual speed override for all feedrates, including rapid, when I turn that on it will run everything in the feedrate I set the manual dial to. But this is obviously not a solution for a program that needs multiple tools and operations. The problem occurs when using code generated with Fusion360 via the drip-feed as well as on code directely entered on the controls of the machine. Sice it does run at slower feedrates on the manual override I do not think that it is some mechanical problem with any sensors but rather some problem in the software.

Do any of you have an idea what could have caused this and how to undo it?

PS: There are no error codes shown anywhere.

Kind regards


Jun 7, 2011
Ramsey, NJ.
Could be any number of things but to me, if not a programming error, sounds like a jumped parameter someplace.
Fanuc still supports the control, BTW.

Alloy Mcgraw

Aug 6, 2010
I still have a couple old OM machines running. Probably will get replaced soon, they are getting used less and less everyday.

That being said we recently had Fanuc out to diagnose one that got Covid I think.

If you call them they will not only support it, but someone will answer the phone who speaks English correctly and will most likely be able to solve the issue. The guys here in my local office have been in the Fanuc game for some time, and they know these controls. Some still working there from that era.

I know everyone shits on Fanuc, but this is the upside. These old controls are still fully supported.

They have all the boards in stock to rebuild that thing next week...Obviously that comes at a cost.

But they will answer the phone and spend some time with you for free in an attempt to solve your issue over the phone first before having to come out. At least here in the states.


Hot Rolled
Jan 11, 2003
Most likely stuck in G95 feed per rev. Had this happen before in a 0M. Call a G94 to reset it. In the future add G94 to your safety line on every toolchange.