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fanuc 18i VTL X axis issue gains in a direction and loose in other


May 25, 2024
Hello we have a VTL that when you move X+ you gain roughly 1/2 tho per inch and when you go X- you loose roughly 1/2 tho per inch. There is no alarms, no backlash, machine has absolute encoder and a scale.

Operator told me it has been a issue for years and one time he thought someone made it better by changing "counter" in controls. Im guess something to do with encoder he meant?

Not sure if im on the right track or not but I was looking at parameter 2024 (number of position feedback pulses per motor revolution) I think X has a odd number in it (28571) I would think that would be a even number?

Z is (31750) and C is (12500) may be this parameter has nothing to do with the issues. Any thought on what's going on? the number is consistent and repeatable.